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Announcements of committees

Actie: Movie Night

Date: Tuesday 12 November
Time: 18:00
Location: Room 280, Bernoulliborg

The minions are back! If you want to see the new adventures of these yellow creatures, then make sure you are going to the movie night, because we are going watch Despicable me 2. As usual we'll be eating together and order our food at If you want to eat with us, place your order at the pizzalist in the SLACK or mail the pizza and pizzanumber to The deadline for this is tuesday November 12th 17:00.

Actie: 'Weerwolven' Game Night

Date: Tuesday 19 November
Time: 20:00
Location: Café Atlantis

This month's game night is a special one. We are going to play the game 'Weerwolven'! This game quite similar to the game 'Mafia'. So if you want to join us, you should come to the game night! If you want to play other games, that's possible. We just want you to have an awesome evening. We'll see you there!

Actie: Sinterklaasavond

Date: Tuesday 26 November
Time: 17:00
Location: Room 280, Bernoulliborg

Sinterklaas is almost arriving in The Netherlands! This means we'll have a sinterklaasavond soon. This evening we are going to play a nice game with hopefully lots of presents. Do you want to be a 'Hulpsint' and make this a nice evening? You'll have to get at least 2 presents for about €5,-. Sign up by sending an email to The deadline is Tuesday November 19th 23:59.

MeisCie: Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Date: Monday 25 November
Time: 17:00
Location: To be announced

The MeisCie has something special in store for you. For our first activity this year we have prepared a dancing lesson. We're not talking about dance moves you'll see at the Mambo Jambo or the Negende Cirkel. We're talking about ballroom and latin dancing! We'll teach you the basic steps of the chachacha and the quick step. For the chachacha we have prepared a few additions to make the dance more interesting. We all hope to see you and hope you'll have a good time dancing!

StudCie: Lunch Lecture TNO

Date: Wednesday 20 November
Time: 13:00
Location: Room 5173.0151, Linaeusborg

TNO will be giving a lecture on both information security and home automation.

First, Gerben Broenink will show the possibilities for injecting malware into existing android applications. He will be using a manipulated Angry Birds app during the demo to gain control of a smartphone.

Second, Wilco Wijbrandi will show the FlexiblePower Application Infrastructure (FPAI), which is a home automation platform which can connect with all the smart devices in your home. This platform can be used to install applications that control your devices or connect with the smart grid.

If you want a free lunch, you have to register at our website.

Announcements of the board

New logo

You may have seen some spoofs on the screen in the Coverkamer, but we have a new official board logo. Logo Board XXII of Cover

New newsletter

Hopefully you have already noticed that this newsletter differs a lot from the previous one. Because we were busy designing our new newsletter, we moved this newsletter from one week ago to this Monday. The next newsletter will be sent two weeks from now.

New committee

We have a new committee! The BHVcie is now a real committee and in this newsletter we would like to inform you about this matter.

The BHVcie has two main tasks. They have to provide BHV’ers (ERO’s in Dutch) for relevant events. They also have to maintain the first aid kits. So if you need a BHV’er for an event, you can mail the committee at and they will provide the amount of BHV’ers needed.

The people in this committee are Annemarie Galetzka, Bastiaan van Loon, Davey Schilling and Eveline Broers. Soon we will also have a fifth member for the committee.

Idea submission station

In the last couple of weeks also our new website launched:! You can use it when you suddenly have inspiration. The ideas will be discussed during our board meeting.

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