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Announcements of committees

Actie: Borrel / Drinks night

Date: Wednesday 4 December
Time: 21:30
Location: Mambo Jambo (Peperstraat 31)

It's time for another drinks night! Join the Actie and have a drink with us. The ExCie will also be there to announce the location and theme of their trip! We'll see you there!

Foetsie: Schoenzetten

Date: Thursday 5 December
Time: 09:00
Location: Cover Room

On the 5th of December Sinterklaas always celebrates his birthday in the Netherlands. He then gives presents to the children. This year we convinced him to come to the SLACK! He will give us, the grown-up childeren aka students, a nice present this year! We have to do this the traditional way, known as 'schoenzetten'. This is a Dutch verb, which means placing an empty shoe in the room and returning the next day to find the gifts Sinterklaas brought us.

Therefore we would like to invite you to place an empty shoe in the SLACK on the 5th of December, so Sinterklaas and his Pieten can fill your shoe with a nice present during the night! You can collect your shoe, and of course your present, at Friday during the day.

Sinterklaas and his Pieten hope to see all of your shoes in the SLACK!

SympoCie: Space

Datum: Thursday 12 December
Tijd: 10:00
Locatie: Grand Theatre

Houston, we have a symposium!

Chances are you dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid. This dream probably won’t come true but your interest in space never subdued. December 12th we will try to satisfy your thirst for spacerelated information, by letting awesome people speak about Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in space.

CS and AI play a huge part in the development of technology in space. Think about the autonomy of Curiosity or the navigation of a spacecraft. Space can of course also be researched (safely) from Earth: Creating high-res images of the universe, using satellites to record Earth from afar or finding evidence of alien life.

So please join us December 12th at the Grand Theatre on the ‘Grote Markt’. For more information, have a look at our website.

Announcements of the board

De Connectie: Call for Editors in Groningen

For those of you who aren't acquainted with de Connectie, it is a national semi-Dutch and semi-English AI magazine, published four times per year, created for and by enthusiastic AI students from Maastricht, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam and of course Groningen. We're currently looking for some extra editors in Groningen.

Did you finish a cool project recently? Do you have some new idea's for de Connectie? Do you like to write study related articles? Do you like to be in touch with other AI students in the Netherlands? Or do you want to know more about a subject? Drop me a line at and we'll be in touch!


Datum: Thursday 5 December
Tijd: 13:00
Locatie: Bernoulliborg, Room 289

This afternoon, another KISO (Artificial Intelligence Student Meeting) will take place. You are all cordially invited to attend and discuss the courses you are taking.

The KISO is a relay for students that is held by students themselves. We invite students that are part of the many boards that the FWN, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, has, so they can directly pick up your feedback. The programme committee of the Artificial Intelligence degree will also be present. The discussions that take place during the KISO can be used to directly apply feedback to the courses: one of the main purposes of the KISO is to detect issues with courses as soon as possible, as to improve the course during its current run.

If you are interested in relaying your feedback by email, you can join the mailing list ''. You can sign up for the mailing list by sending me an e-mail at

We will meet at the Cover room and will depart for room 289 in the Bernoulliborg at 13:05. There will be a free lunch!

AI Lustrum

Date: Friday 13 December
Time: 10:00
Location: Grand Theatre

Artificial Intelligence in Groningen celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! We want to celebrate this day also with all (former) AI-students in Groningen and organized a day filled with festivities on December 13th.

The day program starts at 10.00 in the Grand Theatre at the Grote Markt. During the day there will be talks on the history and future of AI, the price for most innovative AI-idea will be awarded, we will have a pubquiz, there is an exposition of AI in Groningen through time and of course a free lunch. There are no classes scheduled on this day.

Afterwards we will move to the Puddingfabriek, where you can enjoy a free dinner and party.

Don't miss out on this event and sign up on our website!

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