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Announcements of committees

Actie: Easter Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 5 March, 21:30
Location: Mambo Jambo

Do you remember searching for easter eggs when you were a little kid? Exciting wasn't it? With this monthly borrel you can relive your childhood for an evening! We have hidden some easter eggs in the MamboJambo ready to be found. So please join us, have a few drinks and keep a watchful eye on the hidden easter eggs.

Actie: Elysium Movie Night

Date & time: Monday 10 March, 18:00
Location: Bernouilliborg

In this monthly movienight we will be watching the movie Elysium. The movie takes place in the year 2154, the earth has become overpopulated and the people live in poverty. Rich people have the privilege to live on a spaceship, Elysian, where the situation is a lot better. The protagonist Max tries to reach Elysium in an attempt to bring equality. As usual we will be ordering our food at Hasret. If you would like to eat with us please e-mail us with your order or fill in the food form in the SLACK.


Date & time: Friday 14 March, from 15:14 till 18:00
Location: SLACK

Friday the 14th of march is official Pi Day. We cannot let this go by unnoticed, so the SLACKcie will host a special Pi VMBo ('Vrijdag Middag Borrel'). We'll bring the pi(e) and we hope you'll bring the 'gezelligheid'! And to spice it up a bit, specialty beers (speciaalbier) will be available as well! So drop by, enjoy some delicious beers and a piece of pie, and celebrate this irrational day with us!

Actie: Dodgeball against Stuff

Date & time: Monday 24 March, 20:00

You remember those times when you played dodgeball in secondary school? It was awesome right throwing a ball at your opponents as hard as possible. To make it even more awesome, this time we will not be playing against Cover members, but against the study association Stuff. Stuff is the study association for Philosophy, so proof for once and for all that we are the best! Covers' name is at stake.

Afterwards we will go into the city and have a few drinks with the members of Stuff. More information on the locations will be announced soon!

Dark Side is looking for volunteers!

The organization of the Dark Side of the Internet is looking for volunteers that would like to assist them during the day of the event. For example: serving drinks during the breaks; the preparation of the breaks and cleaning up afterwards. Interested? Send an e-mail to

Do note that the event itself is in Dutch.

Announcements of the board

General Assembly

Date & time: Thursday 13 March, 19:00
Location: X 5114.043 (Nijenborgh)

We like to invite you all to the General Assembly! Among other things, a change in our rules and regulations (HR) will be discussed. All documents will be made available (on the website and in the SLACK) one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

Even though the meeting will be held in Dutch, we will make as many documents as possible available in English, so everybody has the chance to read them and authorize someone else to vote for them. You can find the authorization form and the agenda in your mailbox.

Virtual Reality Lab + Borrel at CognAC

Date: Wednesday 26 March
Time: from 16:00 till 21:00
Location: Nijmegen

Join us on our visit to CognAC, the AI study association of Nijmegen, and get a tour in the Virtual Reality Lab of the university of Nijmegen. Afterwards there will be a borrel. All the other Dutch study associations are also invited, so this will be a great way to meet other AI students in the Netherlands and discuss the differences of the different studies throughout the Netherlands.

College Carrousel

Do you want to earn some extra money by making students in their forth year of high school enthusiastic about our faculty? We can use your help at the College Carrousel 2014! 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 april busses full of kids will arrive that need to be accompanied during the day. For helping us an afternoon, we will give you 15 euros. For a whole day, you will get 35 euros! It is also possible to help multiple afternoons or days. There are a couple of different jobs available, like guiding a group or giving a short presentation in Science Linx. When you are interested, just send an e-mail to the board and we will send you more information. Unfortunately for the international students, it is required for the College Carrousel to speak Dutch.


Date: Wednesday 12 March
Time: 22:00
Location: Het Heerenhuis (Spilsluizen 9)

All the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences come together at this annual party and get to know each other better with drinks and a DJ. It's the best moment to dance with that cute student you've been sitting next to all year! This year there are also some special events on this evening to have some extra fun with your fellow students. The theme is: "Uit het hoge Nerden", come dressed as a viking, nerd, farmer from Groningen, whatever nerdy or from the North. Tickets are available at Cover and other study associations.

Actie is looking for new members

The Actie is looking for new members. The Actie is our activity committee, which organizes four activities per month. Do you like to organize lots of activities, including our borrel and do you want to have a large influence in how we fill our activities schedule? Sign up for the Actie by sending an email to

We are looking for a new SympoCie

We are looking for a new SympoCie. The SympoCie is the committee that organizes Cover's very own symposium. You will think of a nice subject in one of our studies and try to get well known people to give a lecture at your symposium! Does this job sound interesting to you? Sign up for the SympoCie by sending an email to

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