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Announcements of committees

ActiviTee: The Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 1st of October, 21:00
Location: The Negende Cirkel

The borrel will be held Oktober 1st at 9 pm at the Negende Cirkel. This is a new location! Take a break from your work and join your fellow Cover members with a few drinks! All drinks will be just one euro till 1 o'clock in the morning and there is enough space to show off your amazing dance moves.

StudCie: Motivational Speech and Lunch with Staff

Date & time: Thursday 2nd of October, 11:00
Location: Bernoulliborg (Details will follow)

Specially addressed to First Years:

We all know that feeling, you don't want to spend time in front of the book studying or in front of the computer making your homework... Do you want to learn more about how to get motivation for studying and how to become an efficient student? Our speaker Jennifer Spenader knows tips and tricks that will help you dealing with your student duties and enjoying it!

After that we will offer free lunch to all of you and teaching members will be present! Take the chance to meet your docents in a relax environment and hear their insights.

StudCie: Royal Military Academy Lecture

Date & time: Tuesday 7th of October, 15:00

The head of the cyber-division, Colonel dr. Paul Ducheine, will come and talk about how the royal military academy deals with cyber operations.

ActiviTee: Game Night

Date & time: Wednesday 8th of October, 17:00
Location: Cache (Cover Room)

The first game night of the year will be held in the Cache! There are plenty of tabletop games to be played and you can always bring your own games! If you don't like tabletop games, you can always join us and drink a beer or two. wink.gif The Wii will also be available for the Super Smash fanatics!

We will order Chinese food and if you would like to eat with us, send an e-mail with your preferences to We will set up the buffet for the evening.

LanCie: Lan!

Date & time: Friday 7th - Sunday 9th of November

Another awesome LanParty by the lancie. More information will be available soon!

SporTee: Wampex

Date & time: Friday 7th of November and Friday 12th of December

This winter we will participate with the Wampex again! The Wampex is a long puzzle route during a cold winter night. It is a test of your endurance, intellect and perseverance. More information about the location and enrollment will become available soon. This is one of the two available dates.

Announcements of the board

New Board!

We are very happy to announce that we have been appointed as board XXIII of Cover on the constitutional General Assembly.

The board has been constituted as follows:
Chairman - Robin Hermes
Secretary - Liese Schmidt
Treasurer - Guus Klinkenberg
Commissioner of Internal Affairs - Tim Haarman
Commissioner of External Affairs - Merel Wiersma

We are very excited to be your board for the coming year!

Committee Market

Date & time: Wednesday 1st of October, 21:00
Location: De Negende Cirkel

Do you want to become active at Cover, but don't know what committee suits you? Wednesday the first of October the committee market will be held, where you can get all the information about committees that you want in a fun and social way. A lot of active members will be present to tell you stories about their committee(s).

This event will take place from 21:00 until 22:00, at the Negende Cirkel (the same location as the borrel). After 22:00 the borrel will kick off. So if you're interested in becoming active, or just want to hear stories from committees make sure to be there!


Date & time: Friday 10th of October, 16:00
Location: CACHE

To celebrate the constitution of the new board of Cover, we'd like to invite you to our FEBO (FElicitate the board BOrrel). The borrel will start at 16:00, and starting at 17:00 there will be quite some free beer and soda! Of course some free snacks will be there as well.

Member Weekend

Date & time: Friday 28th of November till Sunday 30th of November Location: Wouda, Wester Es 3, Appelscha

An extremely awesome, fun and relaxing weekend! You don't wanna miss this. More information will follow soon!

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