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Announcements of committees

BookCee: Book Sales

Date & time: November 12th at 12:00, 13th at 11:00 and 14th at 10:00 Location: V5161.0041a (Cover Room)

It's time for the book sale of this term! You can pick up your books in the Cover Room, at the Bernoulliborg.

This book sale is meant for all students to pick up the books they have ordered. Unfortunately, we no longer have books for students who have forgotten to order their books. They will still have to order them to have them delivered at their own home.

ActiviTee: Borrel

Date & time: Thursday 13th of November, 21:30
Location: Ome Ko

Last year the Borrel was held in MamboJambo, but now we have a new location for our monthly Borrel! The Borrel will be held in Ome Ko from now on. The upcoming Borrel is on the 13th of November and the drinks are still cheap! Please note that the Borrel will no longer be held on the first Wednesday of the month. On the homepage you can find a list of all the Borrel dates for this college year!

The first 25 beers are for free so make sure to be on time! There will also be some free snacks (bitterballen)!

ActiviTee: Movie Night

Date & time: Tuesday 25th of November, 18:00
Location: Bernouilliborg

On the 25th of november we will watch the movie: A million ways to die in the West. We will order pizza from Domino's and if you would like to eat with us please send an email to Alternatively, you can also fill in the form that hangs in the Cache.

SporTee: Wampex

Date & time: Friday 12th of December

On the 12th of December Cover will be joining the Wampex! This year four teams can participate. The Wampex is a puzzle route of about 25 km through the beautiful nature of Friesland. This route is a great opportunity to challenge your puzzle solving skills and endurance together with your team. As the walk starts in the evening, it may get really cold, so make sure you have enough warm clothes with you.

Impressions as well as pictures can be found here: (Dutch Website)

Sign up at!

Announcements of the board

SNiC: AnonymIT

Date & time: Tuesday 18th of November, 10:30
Location: Defabrique, Utrecht

This activity is not organised by Cover On the 18th of November, SNiC organises AnonymIT. This is a large symposium for students throughout the Netherlands. The theme of this edition is anonymity in the current digital era.

Lunch, drinks and dinner are included. A bus will come to Groningen to take you to this event and back home. The cost of this entire day is only €7,50. You can buy your ticket at the board of Cover, in the Cover room.

For more information about the event, go to

Member weekend

Date & time: Friday 28th - Sunday 30th of November
Location: Wouda, Wester Es 3, Appelscha

You know what would be awesome? A member weekend! That's why the board has decided to organize one. A weekend away with a lot of the lovely members of Cover, with activities organized by some of the various committees that Cover has while enjoying as many drinks and eating as much food as you want.

The weekend will be at kampeerboederij Wouda at Appelscha. You'll have to travel to and from the site yourself, but it is reachable using public transit and a travelgroup will be organized so you don't have to travel alone. A packing list will be provided later on.

To register for the member weekend, sign up at this form.

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