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Announcements of committees

ActiviTee: Movienight

Date & time: Tuesday 25th of November, 18:00
Location: Bernoulliborg

On the 25th of november we will watch the movie: A million ways to die in the West. We will order pizza from Domino's and if you would like to eat with us please send an email to Alternatively, you can also fill in the form that hangs in the Cache.

SporTee: Wampex

Date & time: Friday 12th of December

On the 12th of December Cover will be joining the Wampex! This year four teams can participate. The Wampex is a puzzle route of about 25 km through the beautiful nature of Friesland. This route is a great opportunity to challenge your puzzle solving skills and endurance together with your team. As the walk starts in the evening, it may get really cold, so make sure you have enough warm clothes with you.

Impressions as well as pictures can be found here: (Dutch Website)

Sign up at!

Announcements of the board

PRcee vacancy

From the commissioner of external affairs:

As you may have noticed, the interviews of the PRcee have not been held yet. The deadline has been extended until the 30st of November.

As the new commissioner of external affairs, I want to organize the PRcee in a way suiting my ideas and a way which, looking at the feedback of last year, will work better. Therefore, the PRcee will be very small this year, containing 3 to 4 permanent members and me as the chairman. As a permanent member of the PRcee you will help me make and keep up-to-date an company list and initiate contact with these companies. If they are willing to cooperate, you and I will go visit the company and hopefully make a great deal for Cover! If you have a very specific idea about something you want to accomplish, for example a deal with a restaurant for a committee you’re in, or free college blocks for all students, you can become a ‘temporary member’ which means that you will be in the PRcee until you have finished your project. Or, when the project is relatively easy/fast to realize, we will only meet a few times.

So, would you like to get in touch with companies and visit them? Make some great deals? Apply for the PRcee by sending a mail to me before the 30st of November.

If you have a specific project in mind, now or later this year, you can always send me an email ;)


Date & time: Tuesday 25th of November, 13:00
Location: Linneausborg 0149

On the 25th of November there will be another CSS. The CSS is a Computer Science Student meeting, where you can voice your concerns about your study. Did you have a too hard exam, bad teacher or student assistant or something alike? Let us know so it can be improved upon!

The meeting will take in room U5173.0149, which is in the Linneausborg. There will be free coffee, tea and cookies!

Brainstorm with the Board

Date & time: Wednesday 26th of November, 17:00
Location: Cover room (0041a)

In our policy plan we said we want to keep our members up-to-date about what we're doing. To do this, we organize this brainstorm moment! We will provide markers, post its, big sheets of paper, white boards et cetera to talk about things we would like to improve using your ideas. Subjects like involving minorities, new forms of staff activities and different kinds of 'active membership' will be covered. An overview with more subjects will follow. If you have interesting subjects yourself, feel free to bring them in! Afterwards, the board will order some food in the Cache (room 041a). If you want to order something yourself, feel free to join us!

Member weekend

Date & time: Friday 28th - Sunday 30th of November
Location: Wouda, Wester Es 3, Appelscha

You know what would be awesome? A member weekend! That's why the board has decided to organize one. A weekend away with a lot of the lovely members of Cover, with activities organized by some of the various committees that Cover has while enjoying as many drinks and eating as much food as you want.

The weekend will be at kampeerboederij Wouda at Appelscha. You'll have to travel to and from the site yourself, but it is reachable using public transit and a travelgroup will be organized so you don't have to travel alone. A packing list will be provided later on.

To register for the member weekend, sign up at this form.

Artificial Intelligence Student Meeting (with Lunch)

Date & time: Wednesday 10th of December, 12:00
Location: V5161.0280

This morning, another AI Student Meeting will take place. You are all cordially invited to attend and discuss the courses you are taking.

The KISO is a relay for students that is held by students themselves. We invite students that are part of the many boards that the FWN/FMNS, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, has, so they can directly pick up your feedback. The programme committee of the Artificial Intelligence degree will also be present. The discussions that take place during the KISO can be used to directly apply feedback to the courses: one of the main purposes of the KISO is to detect issues with courses as soon as possible, as to improve the course during its current run.

If you are interested in relaying your feedback by email, you can join the mailing list ''. You can sign up for the mailing list at the mailing lists tab on the Cover website.

We will meet at the Cover room on 10:55 and will depart for room 0162 at 11:00. As this is the second AI Student Meeting of the year, there will be lunch (and drinks) available for the attendees! Feel free to come by and discuss your courses, and bring your friends!

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