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Announcements of committees

Actie: Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 2 April, 21:30
Location: Mambo Jambo

This month’s borrel will be held at the Mambo Jumbo. Are you stressing a bit for your exams and do you want to have something else on your mind? Please join us at the borrel and have a few drinks with us. It will be fun!

Actie: Movie night

Date & time: Tuesday 8 April, 18:00

For this month’s movienight, we let you decide what the movie will be! We have created a poll on the Facebook page of Cover where you can vote on your most favorite movie.

This time we will order Chinees food! If you would like to eat with us, please fill in the form in the slack or send us an e-mail at

BoekCie: Book sale period 2b

The exam week has started, which means that you can order your books again. As usual, the BoekCie can provide you with reasonably cheap books. You can order them here.

The deadline for ordering your books is on Sunday the 13th of April. This is one day before the start of the next period. If you have any questions, please mail us at We will announce the book sales by email (and they will also appear in the Cover agenda)!

Dark Side is looking for volunteers!

The organization of the Dark Side of the Internet is looking for volunteers that would like to assist them during the day of the event. For example: serving drinks during the breaks; the preparation of the breaks and cleaning up afterwards. Interested? Send an e-mail to

Do note that the Dark Side event itself is in Dutch.

Foetsie is looking for car owners!

Every once in a while, the Foetsie needs to visit the Makro or a supermarket to restock the SLACK. Sadly, we do not always have a car available when we need one. Therefore, the Foetsie needs your help! Are you able to arrange a car for a few hours? Please subscribe to our mailinglist and help us to supply the SLACK!


Date: Friday 23 May, 15:00 to Sunday 25 May, 15:00
Location: Mambo Jambo

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! It is almost time again for the second LAN-party of the year. We will be organizing a LAN-party at which we all get together to play some awesome games. And the best part is: you're all invited! We start at 15:00 on Friday the 23rd of May until 3:00, around 10:00 on Saturday the 24th up to around 3:00 and continue on Sunday the 25th from 10:00 to 15:00.

We also have a major competition planned: Call of Duty 2. In some good old shooter action teams of 3 will be pitted against other teams for honor and glory! And perhaps some prizes...

Announcements of the board


Date & time: Thursday 1 May, 22:00
Location: Het Heerenhuis

All the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences come together at this annual party and get to know each other better with drinks and a DJ. It's the best moment to dance with that cute student you've been sitting next to all year! This year there are also some special events on this evening to have some extra fun with your fellow students. The theme is: "Uit het hoge Nerden", come dressed as a viking, nerd, farmer from Groningen, whatever nerdy or from the North. Tickets are available at Cover and other study associations.

Chilling with the board

Date & time: Monday 14 April, 21:00
Location: Davey's room: Kraneweg 67b

Are you interested to know what it is like to be in the board? Would you like to learn about the ups and downs of being a board member? Come chilling with us! We will bring along drinks and interesting stories about our experiences so far. So, please come chilling with us if you are considering to become a boardmember!

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