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Announcements of committees

Actie: Hawaii Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 7th of May, 21:30
Location: Mambo Jambo

This month’s borrel will be held at the Mambo Jumbo, in a sunny Hawaiian style. At this borrel the McCie will announce the destination of their mega excursion in 2015. So come drink with us for nice, sunny, warm and a bit informative night out.

LanCie: I LAN no English

Date & time: from Friday 23 May 15:00 till Sunday 25 May 15:00 Location: Bernoulliborg 165

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! It is almost time again for the second LAN-party of the year. We will be organising a LAN-party at which we all get together to play some awesome games. And the best part is: you're all invited!

We have a major competition planned: Call of Duty 2. In some good old shooter action teams of 3 will be pitted against other teams for honour and glory! And perhaps some prizes...

Announcements of the board


Date & time: Wednesday 7 May, from 13:00 till 15:00

This afternoon, another KISO (Artificial Intelligence Student Meeting) will take place. You are all cordially invited to attend and discuss the courses you are taking.

The KISO is a relay for students that is held by students themselves. All students that are part of the many boards that the FWN, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, has, are invited so they can directly pick up your feedback. The programme committee of the Artificial Intelligence degree will also be present. The discussions that take place during the KISO can be used to directly apply feedback to the courses: one of the main purposes of the KISO is to detect issues with courses as soon as possible, as to improve the course during its current run.

If you are interested in relaying your feedback by email, you can join the mailing list ''.

We will meet at the Cover room and will depart for room X at 12:55. There will be cookies and drinks available during the meeting.


Date & time: Thursday 1 May, 22:00
Location: Het Heerenhuis

All the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences come together at this annual party and get to know each other better with drinks and a DJ. It's the best moment to dance with that cute student you've been sitting next to all year! This year there are also some special events on this evening to have some extra fun with your fellow students. The theme is: "Uit het hoge Nerden", come dressed as a viking, nerd, farmer from Groningen, whatever nerdy or from the North.

Tickets are available at Cover and other study associations.


Date & time: Friday 9 May, from 09:45 till 18:30
Location: Groninger Forum (Hereplein 73)

PyGrunn is the "Python and friends" conference with a local footprint and global mindset. Firmly rooted in the open source culture, it aims to provide the leading lights in advanced internet technologies, a platform to inform, inspire and impress their peers.

Cover members get a 50% discount, so instead of 25 euros for one ticket and an awesome t-shirt, you will get two tickets and shirts for 25 euros. You can get your tickets at the board, so come to the Cover room and ask the board for tickets for this interesting event! For more information check

AWAI: Berlin

Date & time: from Wednesday 28 May 21:00 till Sunday 1 June 11:00

It’s time again for the AWAI (Away With Artificial Intelligence)! This year, Berlin will be the destination and it will take place from the 28th of May until the 1st of June. It promises to be an awesome trip which you will not forget soon.

We will visit the Freie Universität and some companies, but we will also get to know this metropole with its deep history. Registrations will open very soon and more information will also be made available then.

Intostudies review website

the website is a dutch website which has reviews of all bachelor and master studies one can follow in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, both AI and CS don't have that many reviews yet. Help your study by placing a review at

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