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Announcements of committees

StudCie: Quintor visit & diner

Date & time: Thursday 15th of May, 17:00 till 21:30
Location: Ubbo Emmiussingel 112, Groningen

This Thursday the StudCie has organised a trip to Quintor, a software company from Groningen specialized in Agile software development, Enterprise Java / .NET technology and mobile development. The visit will be in the end of the afternoon. It consists of a tour through the office (a beautiful building from 1895), a talk about their recent projects, a discussion about topics we want to hear about (see the Cover agenda for examples) and a talk about how they use Scrum. Quintor will also provide a nice meal for us there.

Unfortunately, there is a maximum of 15 participants who can go to Quintor (including StudCie). You can sign up here.

SLACKcie: Farewell to the SLACK VMBO

Date & time: Friday 16th of May, 16:00
Location: SLACK

On Monday, the 20th of may, we'll be starting to clear out the SLACK and start our move to our new common room. We can't let this go by without one final celebration, thanking the SLACK for serving nearly seven years as our home away from home, our refuge between lectures, our reason to stay at the BB 'just a few minutes longer'.

Join us on the 16th, the last 'regular' day we'll ever have in the SLACK, and help us give the SLACK the final party it deserves!

Actie: Drinking gamenight

Date & time: Tuesday 20th of May, 22:00
Location: Gorechtkade 164

What's more fun than playing games? Playing games while enjoying a couple (or more!) drinks right! So ever wanted to show how good you are at drinking games or you just want to have a nice and relaxing evening? You are more than welcome to join us! The location is Gorechtkade 164. We will begin at 22:00.

StudCie: CAD-workshop

Date & time: Monday 26th of May, 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 273

Always wanted to design your own desktop pen holder, smartphone case or even a statue of yourself? The possibilities in Computer Aided Design are endless! Monday the 26th of May the lecturer of the IEM-course 'Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing', dr. Antonis Vakis, will give us an introduction to the world of CAD-design. In this workshop you will learn the basics of CAD in SolidWorks and get to work on your design. So if you're interested in the principles of CAD and want to learn the basics, or already working on something in CAD and want to take it to the next level, this workshop might be interesting for you.

ExCie: Afterparty | The Hungover Games

Date & time: Monday 26th of May, 21:30
Location: Het Kasteel (Peperstraat 25)

The suns rays over Buda hill brighten the lower streets in Pest. Szimpla's doors have been closed and it was a night to remember. TGIF's cocktails seem like an eternity ago. With the Hungary Games still in play, you carefully choose the words to describe to your fellow Tributes you want to go to Oktagon. This is an entirely new game: The Hungover Games!

Join the Gamemakers and Tributes at the ExCie Afterparty. With some free drinks and shots of traditional Hungarian Palinka, this will be another night to remember.


Actie: Scavenger Hunt

Date & time: Tuesday 27th of May, 21:30
Location: De Grote Markt

For our big activity we have a scavenger hunt! We have made a list with fun tasks for you to complete! To win you will have to perform the tasks as creative and as fast as possible. We will gather at De Grote Markt at 21:30 on the 27th of May. We will provide you with some additional information before the scavenger hunt starts so be on time!

LanCie: I LAN no English

Date & time: from Friday 23 May 15:00 till Sunday 25 May 15:00 Location: Bernoulliborg 165

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! It is almost time again for the second LAN-party of the year. The LanCie will be organizing a LAN-party at which we all get together to play some awesome games. And the best part is: you're all invited!

We also have a major competition planned: Call of Duty 2. In some good old shooter action and teams of 3 you will be pitted against other players for honor and glory! And of course, there are prizes to be won! You can sign up your team via the LAN website.

If you want to join this amazing event you can sign up here. For 20 Euro you can participate in the entire 3 day party. One day or two days costs 15 Euro. This includes dinner in the evenings provided by us.

WebCie: Hack the Cover server

Date & time: Friday 23th of May 15:00 till Sunday 25th of May 15:00

Normally, we don't like it if anybody hacks our machines, but at the coming LAN, we will make an exception. Just this once, we will ask you, help you and reward you for hacking.. the Cover server! So if you're at the next LAN and think you can probably find a bug to exploit in that old PHP code or you know the file permissions on the server are completely messed up and think you can exploit those? This once, we won't get mad at you.

Terms and conditions will be made available on the website during I LAN no English. Subscribe to the special mailinglist here.


The KasCie is looking for new members. The task of the KasCie is to supervise and support the treasurer of the study association and it is currently undermanned.

Do you have knowledge about finance and would you like to use it to help the treasurer out and check his work? Send a short motivation to before May 26th.


The StudCie is planning to organize a small trip around February and is looking for some part-time committee members who would like to help to organize the trip. You'll get to choose the destination, contact some companies or universities and make this trip awesome! Already feeling like going on a trip? Send an email to to show your interest.

Announcements of the board

Job Application Training with Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 14th of May, 15:00 till 17:00
Location: 280 (Bernoulliborg)

Someone from Procam will visit us and tell us everything there is to know about preparing for and having a job interview. The training will last for about 90 minutes and afterwards you can enjoy a free borrel with the other participants! Please note that the activity will be in Dutch!

IT Talent Debate

Date & time: Friday 23th of May, 16:30 tot 18:30
Location: Hotel Casa 400 (Amsterdam)

This years IT Talent Debate is going to start again! During the IT Talent Debate of 2014 there will be 10 IT employers versus a room full of students in a substantive debate about company cultures, trends and innovations and also social themes regaring IT. This event is free of cost.

Companies participating this year are AFAS, Atos, Incentro, Capgemini, EsperantoXL, KZA, Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Topicus, VX Company and Ymor. This year there will also be a guest speaker from SciSports, a company that tries to combine IT and sports through various technologies. They will also tell about the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality glasses, and how they use these to create virtual realities from real sport situations.

Finally there are also a lot of different workshops organized by the participating companies that you can attend. You can choose between twelve different workshops.

For more information visit the website.

RUG lustrum gala

Date & time: Thursday 15th of May 22:00 till Friday 16th of May 04:00
Location: Martini Plaza (Leonard Springerlaan 2)

Enter Myster¿a and let yourself be surprised... Expect the unexpected! Nothing is what it seems during this extraordinary evening.

On the 15th of May 2014, students and staff will celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen together in Martini Plaza. This will become the biggest student gala in The Netherlands with music from bands and DJ's alongside a magnificent décor. So bring your date along for the party of the year! Check this website for more information.

AWAI: Berlin

Date & time: Wednesday 28th of May till Sunday 1st of June

It’s time again for the AWAI (Away With Artificial Intelligence)! This year, Berlin will be the destination and it will take place from the 28th of May until the 1st of June. It promises to be an awesome trip which you will not forget soon.

We will visit the Freie Universität, and gaming company Big Point, but we will also get to know this metropole with its deep history. Currently we are trying to plan an evening activity with the study association for Computing Science and AI from Berlin. This will be a cool way to meet foreign students from our fields of study.

There is only place for 13 Cover members, so make sure to register here. For more information you can check the website.

Open Board Meeting

Date & time: Wednesday 14th of May, 11:00 till 15:00
Location: Bernoulliborg, Room 280

If you want to know what it is like to be in the board, you should definitely come to the open board meeting! At a board meeting we discuss the whole week, so it will give you a lot of insight in the activities and issues that are important to us. The meeting will be in Dutch. Cookies and soda will be available during the meeting.

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