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Announcements of committees

Actie: Scavenger Hunt

Date & time: Tuesday 27th of May, 21:30
Location: De Grote Markt

For our big activity we have a scavenger hunt! We have made a list with fun tasks for you to complete! To win you will have to perform the tasks as creative and as fast as possible. We will gather at De Grote Markt at 21:30 on the 27th of May. We will provide you with some additional information before the scavenger hunt starts so be on time!

PiraCie: Sailing weekend

Date: 20th till 22th of June
Location: Recreatieoord "De Koevoet" Troelstraweg 17, Teroele

We'd like to invite you to join as for a weekend of sailing. During the weekend of the 20th of June we'll set sail from "Recreatieoord de Koevoet" and we will spend the second night in Sneek. In the mean time there will be no program, so you can go with your boat wherever the winds may take you. What's also great: no prior experience with sailing is required! Whether you are a veteran captain or a rookie deckmate, it doesn't matter! All are welcome and every boat will have at least one person who has experience as captain.

To sign up, and for more information, check our website.


The KasCie is looking for new members. The task of the KasCie is to supervise and support the treasurer of the study association and it is currently undermanned.

Do you have knowledge about finance and would you like to use it to help the treasurer out and check his work? Send a short motivation to

Announcements of the board

Meijster's Bridge Course

Date & time: 2nd (part 1) and 10th (part 2) of June, 15:00 till 17:00

Arnold Meijster will give a two parted Bridge Course! You will learn the basic rules and strategies of this interesting card game. The location will follow soon.

General Assembly

Date & time: Wednesday 18th of June, 19:00
Location: X 5114.043 (Nijenborgh)

We would like to invite you all to the General Assembly! All documents are made available on the SD and in the SLACK one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

Even though the meeting will be held in Dutch, we will make as many documents as possible available in English, so everybody has the chance to read them and authorize someone else to vote for them. You can find the authorization form and the agenda in your mailbox.

Vrijwilligers gezocht voor organiseren Annual Security Award

Het CIT blaast na meer dan tien jaar een van haar projecten nieuw leven in, de Annual Security Award. Deze prijs zal elk jaar uitgereikt worden aan een groep/individu die het beste idee heeft voor het verbeteren van de ICT security aan de RUG. Lijkt het jou leuk om mee te werken aan het opzetten van een project wat ten goede komt van de beveiliging van je eigen bestanden? Het gaat er hierbij om dat je samen met o.a. Frank Brokken gaat werken aan het concept voor de Annual Security Award en meehelpt in het verwezenlijken ervan.

Heb je interesse of wil je meer weten? Stuur dan een mail naar

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