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Announcements of committees

EerstejaarsCie: Pokernight

Date & time: Tuesday 24th of June 20:30
Location: Café Atlantis

For the last activity, the EerstejaarsCie organised a pokernight! The pokernight will take place in Café Aftlantis at half past 8 on the 24th of June. We made a tournament schedule which has to be filled in at the spot, so make sure not to be late! There is a little price for the winner of the tournament so bring your sunglasses and outplay all your opponents!

MeisCie: Painting

Date & time: Thursday 26th of June, 15:00 till 17:00
Location: Lawn between the Bernoulliborg and Linneausborg

Cover has moved to a new room as you all know. However, this room is still a bit boring, and to give it more of a home-like feeling, the MeisCie wants to make three paintings with you! The overall theme of these paintings will be 'The beauty of the nerds', with the three subthemes 'the beauty of series', 'the beauty of games' and 'the beauty of study', one theme for each painting. So if you are an enthusiastic artist, come to our activity and start creating! We will gather at the Cover room.

FotoCie: Photo Day

Date & time: Saturday 28th of June, 10:00
Location: Groningen

Is photography your hobby, or are you interested in photography? The Photo day is a perfect activity to get (more) into photography! More info about the activities during the Photo day will follow, but from what we can tell you so far:

The Photo day will take place in Groningen. There will be quests to guide people all around Groningen where people can then take pictures and share their ideas. We won't be taking pictures all the time, but it is the main point of this day. In the evening we will have some place to eat and afterwards we can try night photography: one of the more challenging situations for photography with a lot to learn.

Actie: Candidate Board Announcement Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 2nd of July 21:30
Location: Mambo Jambo

While most of you already have plans for your holidays, make sure not to forget the last Borrel of the year! The borrel will be held on 2 July at half past 10 in the Mambo Jambo. The candidate board will be announced this evening so make sure to be there! The winners of the Scavenger Hunt will also be announced.

Introduction Camp

Date & Time: Friday 5th of September 16:00 till Sunday 7th of September Location: Pageborg, Stadskanaal

The summer vacation is only weeks away, which also means that the Introduction camp is only months away. This year is going to be even more awesome than last year, but that is only true if you join us and make it more awesome with us! We are expecting a lot of first year students, which means that if you want a spot you will have to be quick! The costs for the camp will be 47 euros which includes a place to sleep and food during the weekend. Drinks will have to be bought separately. We hope to see you all then!

Sign up at!

BoekCie is looking for new members

Some people want to leave the BoekCie and we are therefore looking for new members for this committee. The BoekCie sells study books to our members. Would you like to be a part of this process? Show your interest by sending the intern an email at or by telling him in person.

Brainstorm is looking for new members

After the summer there will be a big change in the Brainstorm committee. Some of the old members will leave the committee. We are looking for 4 or 5 new members. Do you want to be part of the creation team of our own magazine? Show your interest to the intern by sending an email to or speak to him in person to tell him your interest.

Announcements of the board

Name change SLACKcie

Because we do no longer live in the SLACK, the SLACKcie had to change it's name. They have chosen to be named Memory. From now on the SLACKcie will therefore be called Memory.

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