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Announcements of committees

ABCee: Lecture: The End of the Universe's Darkness

A tale of a mighty telescope, powerful computers and a feeble signal

Date & time: Friday 6th of February, 13:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 280

How can the techniques you learn during your study change our field on the universe? What can we do to help astronomers with their research on the birth of our universe? Professor Saleem Zaroubi will give a talk about the techniques behind the LOFAR project and how they are used to study the universes Epoch of Reionisation, a major phase transition in the Universe in which its gas transforms from neutral to ionized.

Any questions or remarks? Don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

ActiviTee: Valentine's Day Borrel / Drinking Night

Date & time: Wednesday 4th of February, 21:30
Location: De Tapperij

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so we, the Activitee, thought we should do something special for this special day. We decided to raffle ourselves! People can buy any amount of tickets for every member of the Activitee. Per member only one ticket will be drawn, and that winner will win a date! So if you are anxious for a date with e.g. Merel, just buy lots of tickets for her and you’ll have a greater chance to win. But there is a catch… Once the winner has emerged, other people can suggest on what date the couple will go. All suggestions will be placed on the Wheel of Maikel to pick one. So if you either want a date with any of the Activitee members, you want to choose their date, or you just want to go for a drink with your friends, then we’ll see you the 4th of February in the Tapperij.

EerstejaarsCie: Pub Crawl

Date & time: Thursday 5th of February, 21:00
Location: Meet at "Drie Gezusters"

It's time for the first activity of the EerstejaarsCie! Are you ready for an incredible Pub Crawl through the center of Groningen?

This will be a great way to celebrate the start of the new year with your fellow AI and CS students. We will start at "Drie Gezusters" at the Grote Markt. When everyone is there, we will form the groups and start the pub crawl. At the end of the night we will come together at a (rented) secret location to have some more drinks!

During the event you only have to pay for your own drinks, there are no further expenses.

ActiviTee: Game Night

Date & time: Monday 16th of February, 21:00

This month we have a traditional Game Night! You are done with all your exams and you need to relieve some stress before you can focus entirely on your next classes. What’s a better way of doing that than playing games with your friends whilst enjoying a drink? We will be meeting at De Boom, Rodeweg 1 (near de Jumbo at the Korreweg) on the 16th of February. As always, you are encouraged to bring your own games, but since we will bring some, you don’t have to. We'll see you there!

Announcements of the board

Wanted: Committee members

The following committees are looking for new members.
- ABCee
- BookCee
- Brainstorm
- StudCee

Do you want to join one of these awesome committees? Don't hesitate to send an email to the commissioner of internal affairs.

Career Day

We are also looking for someone who wants to help organize an informative event aimed at master students, the Career Day. If this sounds interesting to you, please send an email to the chairman for more information.

Brainstorm with the board

Date & time: Thursday 5th of February, 15:00

Via we get a lot of good ideas from you about a lot of things. From items you want to see in the merchandise to things you would like to change in our association.

We really like your input and will therefore organize a second 'brainstorm with the board' activity. We have some subjects in mind we would like to brainstorm about: the committees, the long term plan and the budget. If you would like to talk about something else that's possible too! All ideas are more than welcome.

The setting of this activity will be informal. We will buy enough post-its, paper and pencils in all colours so you can express your ideas as good as possible.

Of course there will be cookies, coffee and tea :)

LLAMA: Real life Monopoly

Date & time: Wednesday 18th of February, 19:30
Location: Grote Markt, Groningen

Join our Little Lovely Active Members Activity, also know as LLAMA! It's happening on the 18th of February. This activity is organized by the board for all the active members, because you're doing a great job running the association!

This year you have to think strategically and take risks. You can be the winner if you make the right decisions. At the end of the game you can be a millionaire or be bankrupt!

We are going to play Real life Monopoly. During the game you can buy streets of Groningen. If a street is already bought you have to pay rent. The more streets you buy the more rent others have to pay to you. But do you have enough money? And do you get the streets you want to have?

We gather at 19:30 on the Grote Markt. There you will get all the information you need. This is the starting point of the game and from there you're deciding which streets you want and so where to go to.

All active members are invited. If you want to join in this exciting challenge please sign up at

Please sign up before February 16th.


Date & time: Wednesday 25th of February, 22:00 The wait is over! This year we’re proud to present to you the ‘Alfabetfeest’ of 2015. This party is organized every year by various study associations of the University of Groningen. The idea is that you try to create an incredible and original outfit, starting with the letter W. We need your creativity!

The party will be held at Kokomo on the 25th of February. Doors open at 22:00. Get your much needed ticket as soon as possible at the presale for only 5,-. You can get your ticket for instance at your study association. Subsequent sale at the door will be €7,50.

Feel free to check our facebookpage for more information.

Let’s get wicked and wasted!

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