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Announcements of committees

ActiviTee: Cartoon Drawing with Procam

Date & time: Wednesday 25th of February, 15:00
Location: Stripmuseum, Westerhaven

Procam is about to visit us again, soon! Are you not sure what you are going to do when you get your Bachelors or Masters degree? Procam can help you to prepare for the business life and even get you a job. If you are interested, then come and join us for this activity! With all the current events in Paris concerning Charlie Hebdo and his cartoon drawings, we planned to visit the Cartoon Museum (Stripmuseum) to get some inspiration, and then draw cartoons ourselves! So please email to if you want to join the 25th of February. We meet at 15.00 at the museum at the Westerhaven to walk around a bit, but this is optional. At 15.30 we begin the cartoon drawing workshop in them museum, so be there or be square!

ActiviTee: Borrel March + eating at Papa Joe's

Date & time: Wednesday 4th of March, 18:00

This March too, the 4th, we have our monthly drinking night! We await you at 21.30 at the Tapperij. But those who can’t wait to see us, can meet us at 18.00 already at Papa Joe’s! Here we can eat the most delicious meaty burgers and even vegetarian ones for those who don’t eat meat. With this you will be well prepared for the drinks that will come to you later. Does this sound good to you? Then email so we can make a reservation. Otherwise we see you at the borrel!

SporTee: Ice Skating

Date & time: Thursday 5th of March, 20:45
Location: Kardinge

Something every Dutch person should like! Ice Skating! Since nature is never on our side, it isn't likely possible to go skating on natural ice this year, so we decided to go indoor at Kardinge. Entree will be free! If you are an Aclo member, please bring your student card (==Aclo card). Renting skates is at your own cost, so if you have your own, don't forget to bring them! The SporTee will have hot chocolate!

ActiviTee: Movie Night - I Origins

Date & time: Monday 9th of March, 18:00

I Origins, it’s not Apple’s new theory of existence, but it’s the movie we are watching the 9th of March! In this recently appeared movie, a molecular biologist and his laboratory partner uncover evidence that may fundamentally change society as we know it. Of course we have our famous Domino’s pizza deal: medium pizza’s voor only €5,-! Mail your pizza order to See you there!

Announcements of the board

Beta Bussiness Days

Date & Time: March 17-19
Location: Het Kasteel (Melkweg 1, Groningen)

Start orienting on your career and sign up for Beta Business Days_2015. Register at where you can also try The Matchtest and find out which participating companies match your interests. You can participate in activities like business presentations or workshops about negotiation, interviews and many more. Come listen to the keynote speakers CEO NAM and CEO Philips Benelux, visit the alumni sessions, the conference about Offshore Wind Energy and the company fair. For cases , business lunches and individual interviews upload your resume and a short motivation. Deadlines for this are March 1th and 8th, depending on the company. All the activities are free, including breakfast, lunch and network socials. Dress code: business formal.

Applications for the Faculty Council still open!

Until the 22nd of February, interested BSc or MSc students can still apply for a seat in the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council represents both students and staff. The student body is formed by elections among students in May. As a council member you can make your voice heard regarding subjects such as Faculty finances, examination times and other education-related issues. On each occasion you provide your valuable personal input to the discussions regarding faculty matters.

Do you want to be eligible and be put on the voting list? Let us know! Send an email to (Patricia Dominquez Arroyo) or (Arnoud van der Meulen). For more information please check or contact one of the current student council members.


Date & time: Wednesday 25th of February, 22:00
Location: Kokomo

The wait is over! This year we’re proud to present to you the ‘Alfabetfeest’ of 2015. This party is organized every year by various study associations of the University of Groningen. The idea is that you try to create an incredible and original outfit, starting with the letter W. We need your creativity! The party will be held at Kokomo on the 25th of February. Doors open at 22:00. Get your much needed ticket as soon as possible at the presale for only €5,-. You can get your ticket at your study association. Subsequent sale at the door will be €7,50. Feel free to check our facebook page for more information. Let’s get wicked and wasted!

Chilling with the board

Date & time: Friday 27th of February, 19:00
Location: Merel's place: Magna Petestraat 7a (Groningen)

For those who might be interested in applying for the board, we are organizing a relaxing yet informative evening. During this evening you can hear a lot of first-hand board experiences and ask all the questions you have (while enjoying a drink and some snacks).

Open board meeting #2

Date & time: Tuesday 3th of March, 13:00
Location: Bernoulliborg

Are you thinking about becoming a board member next year? Then luckily you have another chance of attending a board meeting! We will discuss the things that happened in the past week and talk about the ins and outs of our association. Of course we will provide soda and cookies. Afterwards you will get the opportunity to ask all the questions you have to the board, we'll be there until 18:00.

General Assembly

Date & time: Wednesday 11th of March, 17:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 222

We would like to invite you all to the General Assembly. This GA will be held in English. A summary of the minutes of the previous GA will also be made available in English.

Some subjects that will be discussed are the membership fees and the application committee.

All documents will be made available (on the website and in the Cover room) at least one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

If you won't be able to be there, but still want your vote to count, please fill in the authorisation form and hand it over to the secretary of the board, or put it in her mailbox in the Cover room.

As the meeting will start quite early, we will order pizza for during the assembly. An order list will be available in the Cover room (0041a). You can also mail us your preference at

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