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Announcements of committees

ActiviTee: Borrel March + eating at Papa Joe's

Date & time: Wednesday 4th of March, 19:30

This March too, the 4th, we have our monthly drinking night! We await you at 21.30 at the Tapperij. But those who can’t wait to see us, can meet us at 19.30 already at Papa Joe’s! Here we can eat the most delicious meaty burgers and even vegetarian ones for those who don’t eat meat. With this you will be well prepared for the drinks that will come to you later. Does this sound good to you? Then email so we can make a reservation. Otherwise we see you at the borrel!

ActiviTee: Movie Night - I Origins

Date & time: Monday 9th of March, 18:00

I Origins, it’s not Apple’s new theory of existence, but it’s the movie we are watching the 9th of March! In this recently appeared movie, a molecular biologist and his laboratory partner uncover evidence that may fundamentally change society as we know it. Of course we have our famous Domino’s pizza deal: medium pizza’s voor only €5,-! Mail your pizza order to See you there!

ABCee: Lecture + Borrel with Textkernel

Date & time: Tuesday 10th of March, 15:00
Location: V5161.222

Machine learning at Textkernel BV: matching people and jobs.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when you apply for a job and submit your resume online? Or how to collect all available job openings and select the ones relevant for you? At Textkernel, a fast growing company based in Amsterdam, we are solving these challenging problems to bring people and jobs closer. We strongly base our work on latest research from fields like information extraction, information retrieval, recommendation systems, deep learning and big data.

In this talk, we would like to introduce students to the research and technical problems behind two of our main products: CV (resume) parsing and Jobfeed (job spidering and parsing). The presentation will follow an interactive format. We will first introduce some of our current challenges and then discuss how you would approach these problems. Maybe the next great idea will come from you! Finally, we will present our current approach to the problem and its limitations. We hope this will help you ground the knowledge from your previous courses or inspire you which new ones to take.

After the interactive presentation there will be a borrel for all attendees. Here you can discuss the topics from the lecture in a more informal setting or ask questions to the employees of the R&D department of Textkernel.

If you're working on a Crowdynews case and want to have a look at a different company who also works with natural language processing, or if you're following the course Natural Language Modelling this period, this is an interesting lecture to attend.

Any questions or remarks? Feel free to send us an e-mail at!

ComExA: TAB Talk: Dataprovider

Date & time: Thursday 12th of March, 17:00
Location: Cache (Cover Room)

“How do you index 100 million websites?”

Christian Branbergen, co-founder of the Groningen-based company Dataprovider, will give a talk during the Thursday Afternoon Borrel. Dataprovider has indexed over 115 million websites in 25 countries. Information from those websites is transformed into a structured database. As you can imagine, this is easier said than done.

At 16:00, the TAB starts as usual. At 17:00, Christian will give a 20-minute TAB Talk about the technical aspects of Dataprovider. After that, the TAB will continue.

TAB Talks are a new concept developed by the ComExA (Committee of External Affairs). During the TAB, we invite interesting companies or PhD'ers to give a short technical talk about their activities. Speakers are invited to stay after their talk, to enjoy a drink and get into discussion with students.

ActiviTee: EDS, eating, pooling and going out!

Date & time: Thursday 19th of March, 18:00

It’s that time of the year, again! At the 19th of March high school students will visit us to experience being a real Artificial Intelligence or Computing Science student. What does that have to do with experienced students? Well, we are gonna show them how a proper student spends the evenings and nights… At 18.00 we meet at Napoli for delicious Italian food culture. Do you want to eat here too? Please send an email to, so we can make the reservation for you. When were done eating, around 20.00, we will go to Cue Action where we can watch some tv, or, of course, to go pooling! And when we’re eventually done with that, we planned to end the night in the city. You can decide for yourself what time that ends. But there’s one more thing… The students who are visiting us need a place to sleep! Do you have some room left? Email how many people you can store. We’re looking forward to this!

Announcements of the board

Board applications open

On the 12th of March the applications for the board of '15-'16 will open. If you are interested in applying, please send your résumé and motivation to before the 31st of March.

Wanted: Committee members

The following committees are looking for new members.
- ABCee
- AphrodiTee
- BookCee
- Brainstorm
- Foetsie
- StudCee

Do you want to join one of these awesome committees? Don't hesitate to send an email to the commissioner of internal affairs.

Information meeting student grants

NB: This meeting will be in Dutch
Nieuwe studie begonnen? Beginnen aan je master? Nog een jaar van je bachelor te gaan en opeens geen studiefinanciering meer? Vanaf september 2015 start het nieuwe 'studievoorschot-regeling' en daardoor veranderd er veel. Stel je vragen tijdens de voorlichtingsbijeenkomst op 11 maart van 15:00 tot 16:30 in zaal A3 van het Academiegebouw. De Groninger Studentenbond en Studenten Organisatie Groningen geven in samenwerking met de Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs een algemene voorlichting over het nieuwe leenstelsel.


Recently, a new feature has been added to the website. By going to, you can print documents for your committee. Note that you have to be logged in to use this functionality.

General Assembly

Date & time: Wednesday 11th of March, 19:00
Location: Dionysos, Nieuwe Kijk in 't Jatstraat 58
Note: The time and location are different than was mentioned before on the site!

We would like to invite you to the General Assembly. This GA will be held in English. A summary of the minutes of the previous GA will also be made available in English.

The documents for the meeting will be made available (on the SD and in the Cover room) one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

This GA we will vote for a change in the Rules and Regulations ("Huishoudelijk Reglement") regarding the membership fee. We will also be discussing the application committee, among other things.

If you won't be able to be there, but still want your vote to count, please fill in the authorisation form in the attachment and hand it over to the secretary of the board, or put it in her mailbox in the Cover room.

Before the assembly, we will order pizza in the Cover room. An order list will be available in the Cover room (0041a), but you can also mail us your preference at Afterwards, we'll go to Dionysos together by bike.

After the general assembly, there will be the possibility to have a drink together.

Bèta Business Days

Date & time: 17th - 19th of March
This activity is not organised by Cover

March the 17th, 18th and 19th, the 28th edition of the Beta Business Days will take place at ‘Het Kasteel’ in Groningen (Melkweg 1). This three-day career event is a great opportunity for you as beta student to explore the possibilities for your career and get in touch with interesting companies.

At the Beta Business Days there are different activities for all students of the FWN. If you’re looking for a job or internship, you can enroll in a case, business lunch or individual interview. Keep in mind that there are deadlines for these activities March 1th or 8th, depending on the company.

If you’re not finished with your study but curious about the possibilities for your future career it is also a great event for you. Would you like to learn how to applicate or get your resume checked out? Would you like to know what to wear to your job interview? Learn about negotiating, entrepreneurship, creative thinking, assessments or assertiveness? Discuss during the social drinks the experiences and prospects on the business life with a recruiter? Come to the Beta Business Days!

Furthermore, there will be two keynote speakers, CEO of the NAM and CEO of Philips Benelux.

If you find renewable energy and the innovations interesting, go to the conference ‘Offshore Wind Energy’! On the morning of March 18th, three companies will give their view and expertise on this subject.

Still not convinced? The Beta Business Days is organized for you as Beta student, so breakfast, lunch, social drinks and of course every activity is free. Register at and sign in for the different activities. Upload your resume and fill in a motivation if you want to participate a case or an individual interview. You can find information about the companies and the schedule on the site.

For more information and registration:

Watch the impression video here.


Topicus lecture by Robert Lindeboom

Date & time: Wednesday 25th of March, 13:00
Location: Bernoulli Borg room 0165

Topicus lecture by Robert Lindeboom, who has studied Artificial Intelligence in Groningen. This lecture will be held in Dutch! Afterwards there will be a free subway lunch!

Van student naar scrum
Je leert bij je opleiding, deels afhankelijk van de cursussen die je kiest, programmeren. Voor je het weet ben je klaar met studeren en moet je in de echte wereld software neerzetten voor grote klanten en ben je dus niet meer die practicum assistent die de oplossing al kent en met een soort ‘antwoordmodel’ nakijkt. Tevens zijn er geen medestudenten meer om mee samen te werken. Of........? Tijdens deze lunchlezing vertelt Robert Lindeboom, informatieanalist bij Topicus en ex-KI-student aan de RuG, over softwareontwikkeling bij Topicus en hoe dat door de scrummethode net zo vertrouwd voelt als tijdens het practicum. Hoe kom je van practicumsoftware tot software die bij grote klanten wordt gebruikt en wat als je eigenlijk helemaal niet graag de hele dag bezig bent met programma’s schrijven maar liever de informatiebehoefte onderzoekt?

Over Robert Lindeboom
Na het afronden van de bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie en de master Wetenschapscommunicatie aan de RuG, werkt Robert nu bijna een jaar bij Topicus Finance als informatieanalist. Het kunnen ‘denken in’ programmacode en een kritische functionele blik zijn hierbij erg handige eigenschappen.

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