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Announcements of committees

LANcee: MegaLAN

Date & time: Friday 10th 17:00 - Sunday 12th of April 15:00

Once again it is time for another LAN party. But this time we've got something special planned for you! This time you can not only join a LAN with just Cover, but also other student associations. This next LAN will be a so called megaLAN and be hosted by not just yours truly, the LANcee of Cover, but also by the Chemische Binding, GLV Idun and FMF. Together we will have the greatest LAN ever! Starting April 10 and lasting until the 12th you are welcome to join us over at the cafeteria in the Nijenborgh. We will have competitions in Unreal Tournament and even have a Team Fortress 2 association vs association competition!

You can sign up now at for a maximum of 13.37 euros (which does not include evening meals). But be quick as we only have a few spots left! You can sign up until coming Sunday (April 5th).

ActiviTee: Borrel - I wish I were you!

Date & time: Wednesday 1st of April, 21:30
Location: Tapperij

"Ik wou dat jou was, gewoon een keertje jou was" as Veldhuis and Kemper famously sang, sometimes you just wish you could switch places with another. Just for once be the macho man, or rather the loser. Well, as it just happens, Cover's very own ActiviTee is granting you this unique opportunity to dress, act and drink as another, without repercussions of being called a copycat. This coming borrel you can dress up as any member of cover. Be as handsome and in check with the ladies as Ruben, bear the weight of Maikel's life for once, deem everyone below yourself and drink as much as Jip or even switch genders and (try to) match the looks of the lovely Liese. One thing is clear, this is a borrel you do not want to miss!

StudCee: Study Support Research Methodology

Date & time: Thursday 2nd of April, 13:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 222

One final overview before your exam for Research Methodology given by students of Cover.

ActiviTee: Game Night

Date & time: Tuesday 7th of April, 20:00
Location: Atlantis

Let’s play a game! Keep the 7th of April available in your agenda if you want to enjoy playing games with your friends whilst enjoying one or several drinks. You can bring your own games, but of course we will bring some too, so you don’t have to. From 20.00 and on we will be at the Atlantis, Zuiderdiep 61, waiting for you!

ActiviTee: Klaverjas Tournament

Date & time: Tuesday 28th of April, 20:00
Location: Atlantis

Enter the Tournament of the Jack’s Club! Have you ever wanted to play one of the most badass card games? This month there will be a tournament in Klaverjassen! This original Dutch card game is played in teams of two and acquires a lot of strategy. I’m sure there are some among you who have never played this game before. Especially for those people there is a workshop where you will be taught the rules and strategies. Then you can test your newly acquired skills in practise! Form teams of two and play against your fellow friends, which are now your opponents. If this does sound appealing to you, come to Atlantis on the 28th of April. The workshop starts at 20.00 and the tournament at 21.00. See you there!

ExCee: Trip to Hamburg!

Date & time: Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th of May
Location: Hamburg

The study trip organized by the ExCee will take place from the 28th till the 30th of May 2015. Do you like Bratwurst, Bier und Hamburgers? Ja? Schön! Because we will go to Hamburg, where we will visit the Intelligent Adaptive Systems department of their University and a study-related company. Moreover we will see some touristic sights and, in general, have a good time. All of this will only cost you €75. Does this sound good to you? Then sign up at our website:

•What: study trip
•Where: Hamburg
•When: 28-30 May
•Why: for fun and for science
•Who: you!

Announcements of the board

Wanted: Committee members

The following committees are looking for new members.
- ABCee
- AphrodiTee
- BookCee
- Brainstorm
- FoodCee
- StudCee

Deadline board vacancies

The deadline for the vacancies for the 24th board of Cover will close 31st of March at 23:59. You can still send your application form to If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Additional General Assembly

Date & time: Wednesday 15th of April, 12:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 165

We would like to invite you to the additional General Assembly on the 15th of April. The meeting will start at 12:00 in Bernoulliborg room 165.

The reason for this additional GA is that the Commissioner of External Affairs has brought in more money than was budgeted, causing the revenue of Cover to differ by more than 10% from the planned revenue. According to the Rules and Regulations, we therefore need to convene a General Assembly to present a new budget.

Enclosed you will find the agenda of the assembly. The documents for the meeting will be made available on the website one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

If you won't be able to be there, but still want your vote to count, please fill in the authorisation and hand it over to the secretary of the board, or put it in her mailbox in the Cover room.

We hope to see you all on the 15th of April!

What: General Assembly
When: 15th of April, 12:00
Where: Bernoulliborg 165

Candidate Board Announcement Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 15th of April, 21:30
Location: De Tapperij

Are you curious who the application committee will suggest as the new board for the year 2015-2016? Find out at the 15th of april! Here, the new candidate board for board XXIV will be announced. Apart from that there will of course be plenty of beer (some of which will be free), people and joyfulness!

The borrel will start at 21:30, the announcement will take place around midnight.

We are very excited, and hope to see you at the Tapperij!

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