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Announcements of committees

LANcee: Crash and Compile

Date & time: Wednesday 13th of May, 16:00
Location: Ubbo Emmiussingel 112


The Cover LANcee and Quintor will be organising a crash-and-compile at Quintor headquarters, Ubbo Emmiussingel 112.

Join us on 13 May for an evening of hammering the keyboard as you get hammered yourself. We have collected the finest of programming challenges for beginning programmers and more seasoned ones alike. It will be a race who can solve the most problems as fast as possible to get the most points possible. Beware though, making mistakes will cost you dearly as you're expected to take a sip.

Food and beer is accounted for by Quintor. They are a leading player in the fields of Agile software development, enterprise Java / .Net technology and mobile development. They provide support to their customers in facing the challenges that large-scale enterprise projects entail and provide services in the field of software development processes (Agile/Scrum), information analysis, software factories, automated testing, software development and enterprise architecture.

All you have to bring for this wonderful event is your laptop and your best thinking cap. You can register at

ActiviTee: pick-your-own-Movie Night

Date & time: Tuesday 12th of May, 18:00

What do you feel like watching? We from the ActiviTee just don’t know… That’s why we make you guys pick the movie you want to watch! Right now we are busy trying to set up a poll on Facebook so you can vote. The choice is yours: Big Hero 6, Interstellar or Rubber! Make your vote count, and check your Facebook events every now and then. The movie with the most votes will be shown on Tuesday, the 12th of May, so make sure you’re there!

SympoCee: Symposium: InterConnected

Date & time: Wednesday 20th of May, 11:00

More and more devices can be connected to the internet. Light bulbs, refrigerators, watches and cars are all available with WiFi. What happens when we connect them all, and also add the huge amount of information stored on the internet? During the free one-day symposium we’ll learn more about this. What are the technical possibilities and challenges? And how will it affect our lives? Visit the symposium on May 20th to get to know your interconnected future!

More information can be found on This is also the place where you can register.

AphrodiTee: Veni vidi vino

Date & time: Tuesday 9th of June, 20:30
Location: Unitas, Schuitendiep 74

I came, I saw… WINE! But do you actually know how to drink, taste and enjoy wine correctly? Maybe you do, but you just enjoy drinking it. It doesn’t matter, you are all invited to the last activity of the AphrodiTee this academic year. At half past 8 you are all welcome at Unitas to taste some different wines and learn more about them. We will start with some general information about wine and then we get to the actual tasting. We have selected various types of wine from various stores to let you find the kind of wine you like. The tasting will stop around 23:30 and then we will enjoy some more drinks together!

Announcements of the board

Wanted: Committee members

The following committees are looking for new members.
- ABCee
- BookCee
- Brainstorm
- FoodCee
- StudCee

Do you want to join one of these awesome committees? Don't hesitate to send an email to the commissioner of internal affairs.

Brainstorm with the board

Date & time: Monday 18th of May, 13:00

Last time, we talked about the budget, fellowships and the long term plan (among other things). Do you want to think with us about the way to go for Cover next year? We will speak again about the budget, but also about the year schedule and our working groups. For a summary of the previous brainstorm, you can take a look here. If you have any further comments or ideas concerning these subjects, feel free to discuss them some more on Monday!

Committee Assembly

Date & time: Tuesday 19th of May, 13:00
Location: Bernoulliborg 280

Another general assembly is coming up, so the chairmen and treasurers of the committees need to assemble. We will discuss the budget and the year schedule for next year. If your committee has a change of plan or budget, please have it ready before the Committee Assembly and send it to as soon as possible. Don't forget to include what the changes are and why these changes are made.
The assembly will be in English.

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