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Announcements of committees

FirstYearCee: Picnic

Date & time: Tuesday 26th of May, 13:30
Location: Noorderplantsoen (Het prieeltje)

Our last activity of this year will be a picnic in the Noorderplantsoen. We will make sure that there is enough to eat and to drink for everyone, and it is completely free!

Even though it is not necessary at all, you are of course allowed to bring some of your own food. Also, we will make sure that there are some soccer balls and frisbees present, so you will be able to show of your athletic skills.

StudCee: AI1 open work session

Date & time: Monday 1st of June, 09:00
Location: Bernoulliborg, room 228 (V5161.0228)

Stuck with AI1? Not stuck with AI1? Great! Then join our AI1 open work session, where those who are stuck can get help from those who can offer it.

ActiviTee: Borrel

Date & time: Wednesday 3th of June, 21:30
Location: de Tapperij

A new month can mean only one thing; a new borrel! As always we have planned a good night out with fellow cover nerds. If you ever doubted whether to come or not just ask yourself the following question: Would you rather be a Netflix couch-potato, or have a night full of blissful joy, whilst simultaneously working on your future by building a network? It is both the fun and responsible choice, how neat is that? As an added bonus we bought the first 75 drinks for you! PhDers are also welcome!

We hope to see you there, and hold off on that barber appointment, because we might have something special planned for you this night.

AphrodiTee: Veni vidi vino

Date & time: Tuesday 9th of June, 20:30
Location: Unitas, Schuitendiep 74

I came, I saw… WINE! But do you actually know how to drink, taste and enjoy wine correctly? Maybe you do, but you just enjoy drinking it. It doesn’t matter, you are all invited to the last activity of the AphrodiTee this academic year. At half past 8 you are all welcome at Unitas to taste some different wines and learn more about them. We will start with some general information about wine and then we get to the actual tasting. We have selected various types of wine from various stores to let you find the kind of wine you like. The tasting will stop around 22:30 and then we will enjoy some more drinks together! From now on you can sign up for the wine tasting using this link! The costs for the wine tasting will be 6 euros.

Announcements of the board

General Assembly

Date & time: Wednesday 10th of June, 19:00

Hereby we would like to invite you to the General Assembly on the 10th of June. The meeting will start at 19:00.

You can find the agenda of the assembly here. This GA we will vote for several changes in the Rules and Regulations ("Huishoudelijk Reglement"). Specifically regarding the membership fee, which can be found here, and also some other changes which can be found here. We will also be discussing the budget for next year and the year schedule, among other things.

All relevant documents for the meeting will be made available (on the website and in the Cover room) one week in advance. We request that you read them before the assembly to let the meeting go as smoothly as possible.

If you won't be able to be there, but still want your vote to count, please fill in the authorisation form in the attachment and hand it over to the secretary of the board, or put it in her mailbox in the Cover room.

After the general assembly, there will be the possibility to have a drink together.

We hope to see you all on the 10th of June!

Staff barbecue

Finally the weather is starting to get better! The summer holidays are also starting to come closer and closer. We think it is a good time for a nice summer BBQ before the year is over! This BBQ will take place in front of the Bernoulliborg at the 11th of June, starting around 18:00. The costs for this BBQ will be €5,00. Before we are going to grill some nice food, Faris Nizamic will give an interesting talk in our Cover room (41a) at 17:30. We hope to see you all the 11th of June!

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