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Announcements of committees

PiraCee: Sailing Weekend

Summer is approaching which means it's almost time to lean back, relax and have some fun. What better way to start doing this than at the Cover Sailing Weekend?

We will leave the shore and start growing our sea legs at the scenic town of Sneek starting Friday July 10 in the afternoon. From there we will sail throughout Friesland before returning again in Sneek on Sunday.

The weekend will cost €60 at most. For more information and registration visit

ActiviTee: Drinking Game Night

Date & time: Thursday 25th of June, 21:00
Location: Gorechtkade 164

What is the single best thing about being a student? Thats right, drinking as often as you want without classifying as an alcoholic. To celebrate this fact we have organized a Drinking Game Night! This night we will have drinks in the most fun way, by playing new and classic drinking games. Thursday the 25th at around 9 PM we will kick the party off. We will bring near unlimited beer for you to drink, which will only cost you €3,-. Of course, you can also bring as much of your own drinks as you want, but please notify us in advance so we can supplement enough soda for those sweet sweet mix drinks and cocktails. You can let us know if you will be drinking cover beer and/or bringing your own drinks here.

We have compiled a huge list of drinking games, but if you want to be sure your favorite game will be played, please mail us with the name and rules at

Last year this party was the highlight of the year, lets make this one even better.

IntroCee: Introductory Camp

Date & time: Friday 4th of September, 15:00
Location: De Lauwer

Are you starting the Bachelor Artificial Intelligence or Computing Science at the University of Groningen in 2015, or do you want to help out the IntroCee during the camp? Join the introductory camp! This is the opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a fun way and to make some new friends. We, the Introduction Committee, are really proud to organize this year's camp for you from the 4th till the 6th of September.

Throughout the entire weekend there will be a fun program full of nice activities to meet a lot of new people (both first years and a bunch of senior students). What's more is that there is plenty of of time to do just about anything else, like playing soccer, relax with your new friends or play some cards. In other words, spending the weekend of September 4-6 (with almost all first years and a bunch of seniors) is the best way to get a head start in your new life as a student.

You can now sign up at

Announcements of the board

TNO borrel lecture: typosquatting and the PowerMatcher Algorithm

Date & time: Tuesday 23th of June, 15:00
Location: Nijenborgh room 6 building 11

TNO is the "Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek". They connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. An example is a project about the earth quakes in Groningen.

Wilco and Gerben come by to tell about their work at TNO:

Gerben Broenink: typosquatting Ever since domainnames exist, typosquatters can register domains which look like other domains. (For example: and As a result, many internet users accidentally visit the wrong website, causing damage to the original website owner. However, how can we detect these misuses of domainnames? During this presentation, the possible impact of typosquatting will be showed as well as some developed tooling to detect typosquatting.

Wilco Wijbrandi: The PowerMatcher Algorithm The way we use our power grid is changing. We want to integrate more renewable energy sources, which do not provide a reliable energy production. Since electricity is very expensive to store, it is very hard to balance production and consumption. At the same time we start to use electricity for new applications, such as charging electric cars and heating buildings. These changes have a huge impact on our power grid, and which will be expensive to maintain if we don't do something. TNO is developing new technologies to solve these issues with ICT. In this presentation I will explain the algorithms behind the PowerMatcher, which is a highly scalable optimization solution for matching electricity production and consumption.

Afterwards a free borrel will take place! We can also order some cheap food together in our Coverroom.

Large LAMA

Date & time: Wednesday 24th of June, 16:00

At the 24th of June the Large Lovely Active Members Activity of this year will take place at the Hoornse Plas! You don't have to eat in advance because we will host a BBQ! Besides that we will organize some kind of activity... Be there and find out! You are welcome at four o'clock. We hope to see you then!

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