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Announcements of committees

ActiviTee: House Party (Tuinfeest)

Date & time: Thursday 9th of July, 13:30 till 23:00
Location: Hoendiepskade 6

Coming thursday the 9th of july Cover and the ActiviTee wil host one last party of this year. This will be a tuinfeest / house party. A party in the basking sun with unlimited free beer, free food, music, games and friends. This time, you can bring up to three non-Cover friends to join. We are prepared for a lot of guests, so do bring your boy/girlfriend, roommates, your mother and fraternity friends.

The party will start early in the afternoon and end late at night. We have lots of fun things planned, I won’t spoil everything now but to lift a tip of the curtain: there will at least be dinner and some fun competitions. This is the party people are gonna talk about next year.

In order to help us prepare and have enough food and drinks, please let us know if/how many people you are planning to bring on this form.

This is NOT mandatory and NOT binding. You can show up and bring people regardless. (Non-Cover members must pay a small fee of €5,- if they want acces to the (unlimited) drinks and food.)

IntroCee: Introductory Camp

Date & time: Friday 4th of September, 15:00
Location: De Lauwer

Are you starting the Bachelor Artificial Intelligence or Computing Science at the University of Groningen in 2015, or do you want to help out the IntroCee during the camp? Join the introductory camp! This is the opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a fun way and to make some new friends. We, the Introduction Committee, are really proud to organize this year's camp for you from the 4th till the 6th of September.

Throughout the entire weekend there will be a fun program full of nice activities to meet a lot of new people (both first years and a bunch of senior students). What's more is that there is plenty of of time to do just about anything else, like playing soccer, relax with your new friends or play some cards. In other words, spending the weekend of September 4-6 (with almost all first years and a bunch of seniors) is the best way to get a head start in your new life as a student

You can now sign up at

Announcements of the board

Looking for parity bits!

The introductory period will take place in September. First year students will be able to subscribe as a "bit" and will be divided into groups of 8, a "byte". On the Sunday evening after introductory camp the bytes (groups) will be formed, First-years can join and leave these bytes freely throughout the entire month.

Every byte will be led by two to three senior students, the "parity bits". The purpose of the introductory time is to acquaint first-years with Cover, actively engage them in our activities and to connect the first-years that are interested in Cover. The name of the introductory time is BIT, where BIT is an abbreviation of BIT of Introductory Time.

Would you like to become a parity bit? Starting this Thursday you can sign up at!

Looking for ComExA members!

As the future Commissioner of External Affairs I would like to continue the ComExA in its current form. Since most if not all members are leaving, the committee is looking for new members.

ComExA stands for Committee of External Affairs. The goal of the ComExA is to support the Commissioner of External Affairs in approaching interesting AI and CS related companies with the aim of acquiring partnership in one form or another. Partnership is naturally very important for the continuity of our association and for it to be able to organize activities. 

As a member you'll get the chance to get to know a company, visit and speak with them, possibly negotiate a deal and maybe even find a bachelor/master project or a job. Does the above interest you, then definitely do not hesitate to send an email to Interviews will take place in the first week of september.


While most of you are hopefully enjoying the great weather outside, the academic year is not yet completely over. The last resits take place in the next days. Fortunately the holiday will officially start after this week!

We’d like to thank you for the great year we’ve had together. Enjoy your well-earned vacation and we hope to see you all next September!

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