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Study Support Sessions

The exams are getting close. Do you still have questions about a course? The StudCee organizes study support sessions where older-years student help you with your final exam preparations.

Statistics: Wed 21 Oct, 13:00–15:00, V 5161.0280
Imperative Programming: Mon 26 Oct, 13:00–15:00, V 5161.0280/0293
Neurophysics: Tue 27 Oct, 13:00–15:00, V 5161.0293
Introduction to Logic: Mon 2 Nov, 13:00–15:00, V 5161.0289

Make (and eat) your own sushi

Tue 20 Oct, 17:00–20:00, V 5161.0165
Registration form (deadline: Sat 17 Oct)

Do you love sushi, or have you never tried it? Then join this activity of the AphrodiTee! You’ll learn the basics of making sushi. After that you can eat your own creation and taste sushi made by others.


Wed 21 Oct, from 22:00, De Tapperij, Grote Markt 36

Many students obtained their propadeutics (P). Come celebrate this at our P-borrel! Beer, wine, and soda are € 1. Between 21:00 and 22:00, all P-obtainers are invited. From 22:00, all Cover members are welcome.

TAB Talk

Thu 22 Oct, from 16:00, CACHE (Cover room)

This month’s TAB talk will be given by dr. Michael Wilkinson. He is a senior lecturer Computing Science at the RUG, and also has a very interesting hobby: astronomy. Snacks will be provided.

Visit KVI

Mon 26 Oct, from 15:00, CACHE (Cover room)

Do you want to see a particle accelerator, but is CERN too far away? Then you can join us on a trip to the Center for Advanced Radiation Technology and learn all about the science behind athom smashing!

Member Weekend

Fri 6 Nov – Sun 8 Nov, Wouda, Wester Es 3, Appelscha
Registration form

In the weekend after the exams, just before period 1b, the first Cover member weekend of 2015–2016 takes place! This is a weekend with some cool activities and unlimited food and drinks. Besides the activities there’s plenty of time to relax, play games, or do whatever you want.

SNiC: AutonomIT

Mon 23 Nov, 10:30–20:00, Evoluon, Eindhoven
Website (with full program and speaker bios)

This year’s SNiC symposium is about autonomous systems. With more machines becoming equipped with sensors and computers becoming increasingly intelligent, this theme is more relevant than ever.

The symposium consists of four rounds of talks, a lunch, dinner, and borrel. Transport by bus from Groningen is included. Tickets cost € 7,50 and can be bought from the board in the CACHE (Cover room).


Join a Committee

Would you like to organize something for your fellow students? Then join a committee! You can apply by sending an e-mail to

For most internal committees, the deadline to apply is today. If you are interested in joining the ABCee, HEROcee, IntroCee, LANcee, Memory, PhotoCee, or YearbookCee, then apply before midnight.

Alfabetfeest (Alphabet party) committee: The Alfabetfeest is a yearly party hosted by several study associations in Groningen. We are one of the associations that has a spot in the organizing committee. As a member of this committee you plan the entire event, from the location and theme to the music and price of drinks. (Deadline: Wed 21 Oct.)

SNiC symposium committee: SNiC is a yearly national Computing Science symposium. SNiC is still looking for a committee to organise next year’s symposium. The symposium is quite big; organizing it would be a good addition to your resume. Joining this committee gives you a unique opportunity to work with international speakers, a large budget, and the logistic side of organizing a national event. We are mainly looking for CS students, although AI students can apply as well. The committee will be formed for a whole year, starting in November.

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