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Activities Next Week

Member Weekend

Fri 6 Nov (today!) – Sun 8 Nov, Wouda, Wester Es 3, Appelscha
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This afternoon our first member weekend starts! If you want to join but haven’t registered yet, you can still register until 13:00.

Lekker Kijken (YouTube and Chill)

Mon 9 Nov, from 18:00, Bernoulliborg

Lekker Kijken, also known as ‘YouTube and Chill’. Nowadays a vital part of chilling with your friends is to show each other funny videos or clips. How about we do that with Cover, only even a bit better.

We will claim a lecture hall and have people shout at the big screen what videos they want to show everyone else. A funny cat video? A DIKKE BMW remix? Buurman Mol? An Unexpected Jihad? Or even Weed Jezus? We will watch them all!

At 18:00 we will order pizza, and if you’re still hungry after that there will be plenty sweet and salty popcorn, and not to forget, cold beer (pro tip: Cover now has microbrew/speciality beers).

Neurorobotics Lecture

Wed 11 Nov, 19:30–21:30, 1314.0016, Harmony Building
Organized by VIP, the study association for psychology
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Prof. Dr. Florian Röhrbein, senior lecturer at TUM in Munich, is a key investigator of the Human Brain Project and one of the leaders of the subproject neurorobotics. Florian is enthusiastic about coming all the way to Groningen, in order to enrich us with his knowledge!

Tickets cost € 2,50 for Cover/VIP members; others pay € 3,60.

Committee Assembly

Fri 13 Nov, 13:00–15:00

The second General Assembly of the year is near, which will take place on 9 December. We therefore want to invite chairmen and treasurers of all committees to join us for the next Committee Assembly.

Daft Ping: LAN More Time

Fri 13 – Sun 15 Nov, Max Gruber room (V 5161.0165)
Website/registration form

It is time for another LAN organised by the LANcee, this time even harder, better, faster and stronger than the last ones. This means a whole weekend worth of games, drinks and a lot of FUNk. The fun will start around 18:00 on Friday.

There will be no cabled internet, but we will be connected through a LAN-network. If you want internet be sure to bring a WiFi adapter. There will be a transport service for anyone who is not able to arrange their own transport, be sure to tell us if you want to make use of this.

The weekend will take place in the Max Gruber room and will only cost €20 (dinner included). If, however, you do not have the Burnin’ desire to stay the whole weekend and only come one day, then it will cost €15.

There will be a competition, so if you feel lucky you can join. Maybe, if you are doin’ it right, you may win an amazing prize. So if you want to have a weekend that makes you say “One more time”, sign up now!

Activities After Next Week

SNiC: AutonomIT

Mon 23 Nov, 10:30–20:00, Evoluon, Eindhoven
Website (with full program and speaker bios)

This year’s SNiC symposium is about autonomous systems. With more machines becoming equipped with sensors and computers becoming increasingly intelligent, this theme is more relevant than ever.

The symposium consists of four rounds of talks, a lunch, dinner, and borrel. There’s a full English track, so non-Dutch speaking students are also welcome! Transport by bus from Groningen is included. Tickets cost € 7,50 and can be bought from the board in the CACHE (Cover room).

Update: You can now order breakfast to have in the bus as well!

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