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Activities Next Week

Daft Ping: LAN More Time

Fri 13 – Sun 15 Nov, Max Gruber room (V 5161.0165)
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This evening the Cover LAN party LAN More Time started. Do you still want to join the LAN weekend? Register now!

Casino Night

Mon 16 Nov, from 21:00, De Boom, Rodeweg 1
Optional dress code: VEGAS STYLE

The Vegas experience just in Groningen. The casino night is held at De Boom and will start at 21:00. It is possible to eat pizza with us at the CACHE at 19:00.

At the start of the night you will be given a amount of chips, which can be used to gamble at the different games. The person with the highest amount of chips at the end of the night will be given a small prize. You can play games like poker, blackjack or you can make side bets yourself.

Brainstorm with the Board

Wed 18 Nov, 15:00–18:00, Max Gruber Room, V 5161.0165

As board we do our best for our members, we can’t do this without your input! Therefore, it’s time for this year’s first Brainstorm with the Board.

We have 3 hours to discuss a variety of topics that concern every member of the association and some ideas as a board that we want feedback on. If you have some cool and new idea that could change Cover for the better feel free to bring it up at this event.

Activities After Next Week

SNiC: AutonomIT

Mon 23 Nov, 10:30–20:00, Evoluon, Eindhoven

This year’s SNiC symposium is about autonomous systems. With more machines becoming equipped with sensors and computers becoming increasingly intelligent, this theme is more relevant than ever.

The symposium consists of four rounds of talks, a lunch, dinner, and borrel. There’s a full English track, so non-Dutch speaking students are also welcome! Transport by bus from Groningen is included.

Tickets cost € 7,50 and can be bought from the board in the CACHE (Cover room). You can also order breakfast to have in the bus.

Update: There’re only a few tickets left! If you want to visit SNiC, buy your ticket as soon as possible.

Running Diner

Wed 25 Nov, from 18:00
Registration form

Tired of cooking dinner (almost) every day? This is your chance to be lazy and let the ActiviTee cook for you! Although… you are not allowed to be entirely lazy, since it will be a running dinner! This means you will get several courses each served at a different location, and you’ll have to travel between them.

We will make sure you’ll have something delicious to eat. You just have to make sure you’ll be there!

Registration is required. Diner will cost at most € 5 (excluding drinks).

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