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Running Diner

Wed 25 Nov, from 18:00
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Tired of cooking dinner? This is your chance to be lazy and let the ActiviTee cook for you! Although you are not allowed to be entirely lazy: it will be a running dinner! This means you will get several courses served at different locations, and you’ll have to travel between them.

Registration is required. Diner will cost at most € 5 (excluding drinks). There are limited places available, so register ASAP.

Update: Afterwards there will be a borrel (location TBA), where everyone is welcome (including non-participants).

FMNS Career Day

Thu 26 Nov, 09:00–17:00

This event is all about the skills you need to start your career. The Career Day offers more than twenty workshops and presentations about finding and applying for a job – varying from mock job interviews, networking or doing the MBTI personality test to presentations from alumni and information sessions on for instance starting your own company and working abroad.

Symposium: Veiligheid vs. Vrijheid — Censuur is ook maar een mening

Thu 26 Nov, 15:00–22:00
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Organized by LISA, study association for law & ICT. This activity is in Dutch, therefore no English description is available.

Mag veiligheid op internet de internetvrijheid inperken? Moeten providers illegale content blokkeren? Of moeten kinderen beschermd worden tegen porno op het internet door middel van filters? Moet IS, die volgelingen trekt via Twitter, gecensureerd worden, of staat vrijheid van meningsuiting boven alles?

Sprekers op het symposium zijn: Tim Kuik (Stichting Brein); Dirk Poot (Piratenpartij); Rejo Zenger (Bits of Freedom); en Kees de Vey Mestdagh (Associate professor Recht & ICT).

Registratie is verplicht en kost € 3,50 (voor niet-LISA-leden).

Study Support: Imperative Programming Resit

Fri 27 Nov, 15:00–17:00

Do you have to take the resit for Imperative Programming? Do you need a last overview over the course? We will give a last overview of the course and discuss some of the exercises you might see on the resit.

MaMBO Nr5. Stef Stuntpiloot Tournament

Mon 30 Nov, 16:00, CACHE (Cover room)

Will you be able to defend your chickens against pilot Stef?!

The memory presents the very first Stef Stuntpiloot Tournament. Everybody is welcome to join us for a drink from 16:00 onward. The tournament itself will start at 17:00. The tournament will be played in teams of two, so grab your partner and sign-up by sending an email to, or write your name on the list in the Cover room and claim the ultimate prize!

December Borrel and ExCee announcement

Wed 2 Dec, 21:30, De Tapperij

No special theme this time, but still as fun! At the borrel you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime to drink beer with your pals, catch up with old friends, and have a good time. Of course the ActiviTee will sponsor some of the consumptions.

During this borrel, around 23:30, the ExCee will announce the location of the next Cover ExCee trip. So if you’re curious about this location, be sure to attend!


Board: Map your AI study programme

Together with the academic advisor we are organising an information session on the planning of your study programme, for 2nd and 3rd year AI BSc students. Learn the details about the options available in your BSc program, find out the requirements to get your degree and let other students inform you about the elective courses you can choose from.

For the second half of this information session we are also looking for AI students who have already taken a variety of elective courses and who are willing to share their experiences. Sent a mail to if you’re are interested.

AC/DCee: KAST credit balance on the website

Having trouble remembering how much beer you drank or sugar you digested in the past few days in the CACHE? Or how much you can still spend? Now you can find out by looking at your KAST credit history on the website. Just go to, log in, and go to your profile. You can find your KAST credit history in the KAST tab.

BBD: Chairman BBD_2017

Are you interested in organizing the Beta Business Days 2017? Do you want to know how it is to work with SME’s and multinationals? And can you lead an enthusiastic group of students? Application for Chairman 2017 is open! Apply before December 19th by sending your resume and motivation to!

The Beta Business Days is a unique important two-day career event for all beta-students from the University of Groningen. During this event students will have the opportunity to investigate various career prospects and make contacts that can lead to an internship, a thesis project or even a future job! You can always take a look at our website or contact us for more information!

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