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✈️ Today is the registration deadline for the trip to Edinburgh!

Study Support Introduction to Logic

Mon 18 Jan, 11:00–13:00, V 5161.0289/0293

Do you have any problems with Introduction to Logic? Do you want help in preparing for you exam? During this study support session, we will aim to discuss every topic in the course, with special attention going out to topics such as Semantics and Formal Proofs.

Join this unofficial lecture given by students who have passed this course in the past. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions.

Study Support Calculus

Mon 18 Jan, 14:00–16:00, V 5161.0289/0293

Totally not proven with statistics and science and stuff, attending one of StudCee’s study support lectures dramatically and significantly increases your odds of passing the more difficult courses of your study program.

Whether you are searching for a light-bulb moment or just want to rehearse the material, we are here to help you with deepening your knowledge such that succeeding at the Calculus exam becomes easier.

Joris Laarman Lab + FabLab + Pappa Joe

Thu 21 Jan, 16:30–19:30, Groninger Museum/FabLab/Pappa Joe
Registration form; more info: Joris Laarman, FabLab

The Groninger Museum and FabLab are collaborating to organise an activity around an exhibition of Joris Laarman! We will join a guided tour of the Joris Laarman lab at the Groninger Museum. After that we are able to join two workshops there: 3D printing and laser cutting.

This part of the activity costs € 5. Registration required! You don’t need to register through the Facebook page, since we’ll be joining as a group. After the activity it is possible to have dinner together at Pappa Joe.

Winter Break Festival

Fri 12 Feb, 22:00–05:00, Martiniplaza

On February 12th ‘Winter Break’ will have its first edition! A new indoor festival created entirely by and for all students of Groningen. Martiniplaza opens up their entire venue, and all participating student societies choose what will happen! Cover is involved through FVOG, the coordinating association for study associations.

Tickets cost € 20, but Cover members can purchase tickets for just € 10 using this order form. We also give away 10 tickets! If you want to have a chance to win one, send an email with subject “Winter Break ticket” to before Mon 18 Jan, 12:00 (noon).

ExCee Trip: Edinburgh

Thu 14–Sun 24 April
Website/registration form (deadline: today!)

The destination is announced: this year’s ExCee is going to Edinburgh! We are going to the land of unicorns, sheep, scotch, kilts, bagpipes, caber tossing and castles, Scotland! We will visit the Amazon Development Centre, the University, Blazin Griffin, and a lot more companies. We are also meeting with the members of COMPSOC, the study association of AI and CS in Edinburgh!

The trip will take 10 days and costs € 395, which can be paid in either one or three terms. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up now!


Brainstorm Chairman

The Brainstorm is looking for a chairman! The Brainstorm is our association’s magazine, filled with fun and entertaining content as well as serious articles. Are you creative? Do you want to be an editor? Or do you want to spice up your resume with some chairman experience? Apply now by mailing to! (Deadline: Mon 1 Feb.)

Bètastuf: Lustrum Committee

Next academic year the Bètastuf will celebrate its 6th lustrum! And for this occasion we are looking for a group of Stuffers who wants to organize events throughout the year to celebrate the lustrum. A budget is available to organize these events. Deadline to apply: Mon 1 Feb.

If you are interested in taking up position in a Lustrum Committee, please send an e-mail to If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

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