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Open Board Meeting

Wed 17 Feb, 13:00–16:00, U 5171.0702

The board has started their search for successors. It might be a long while before the application deadline, but we are inviting all interested members to an open board meeting. Experience what keeps us busy and what it means to be on the board. Between 13:00 and 16:00 you are free to join us and hear what we discuss during one of our weekly board meetings. Aside from listening you are also free to ask questions.

Retro Games TAB

Thu 18 Feb, 16:00, CACHE (Cover room)

WAKAWAKAWAKA! All your base are belong to us!

Do you miss the 8-bit soundtracks that used to blast from your PC speakers as much as we do? Or how about a good old-fashioned game of ‘ganzenborden’! Join us on the 18th of February for a game of mario kart on the N64, an inpromptu tournament of shuffleboard or any other retro game you can think of. We’ll provide snacks, a few consoles and board games, we urge you to bring ‘gezelligheid’, your gameboy colour and anything else you can think of!

Thank you for coming, but our TAB is in another CACHE! The Memory

ACLO Healthweek

Mon 22–Thu 25 Feb
More information

ACLO organises a health week from 22 till 25 February! You can sign up for a health check and several workshops. Activities during the health week are freely accessible (also if you’re not a member of ACLO).


Tue 23 Feb, 22:00, Club Kokomo

On the 23th of February Club Kokomo will open its doors again to host one of the biggest student parties in Groningen, the Alfabetfeest! Organised by 15+ study associations related to the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen this will be an evening to remember.

B The Best: this year’s letter is B, so dress up as something with a B!

Tickets are available for purchase from the board for € 5. A limited number of tickets will be available at the doorsale for € 7,50.

Academic Day

Fri 26 Feb, 12:30–18:00, V 5161.0151

Do you wonder what keeps the researchers of the AI and CS departments busy? This is the moment to find out! On the 26th of February Cover organises an afternoon where researchers from the AI and CS departments present their research projects.

Ten researchers will each have ten minutes to introduce their research projects. The event will include a coffee/tea break and a reception to close the event which many of the researchers will attend.


ParenTee Started

The ParenTee has started! We are going to organize a day in May where your parents/family can learn more about the studies and Cover. Do you have ideas for things that cannot miss during the parent day? Send them to!

CUOS Working Group Members

We want to start a working group to clarify what information CUOS (Central Executive Board for Student Organizations) requires and in what format. Besides that we also want to know if there are possibilities for Cover to improve its position/score.

Next year (2016–2017) CUOS will gauge again for funding, so we want to be done before the end of 2015–2016. We expect the working group to report to the board, with both progress reports and a final report in June.

Interested in joining? Mail Deadline: 28 Feb.

College Carrousel Assistants

Do you want to earn some money? We are looking for students to assist with the College Carrousel. This is an event where 16 and 17 year old high school students (4e klas) are shown University per Faculty. We are looking for day assistant, who are paid € 35, and afternoon helpers, who are paid € 15. As a Day assistant you bring people to their classes in the morning and help as an afternoon helper in the afternoon. An entire day is from 9 till 16 and an afternoon is from 13 till 16. College Carrousel takes place on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March and the 5th, 6th and 7th of April. Are you interested? Please contact a board member or e-mail to!

Bètastuf: Faculty Council Members

As of now, the Faculty Council is looking for enthusiastic FMNS Bachelor and Master students for next year’s council. The Faculty Council represents both students and staff on a level surpassing the regular degree program. Nine democratically chosen council members represent the staff and another nine represent all FMNS students. Subjects that come to your attention vary from the Faculty finances to the Teaching and Examination Regulations, and from Yantai to career services. For all these subjects you provide your valuable and individual feedback during the discussions.

If this sounds like something you want to contribute to and want to know more about, then apply for the new Faculty Council! The work takes about 5 hours per week and there is a financial compensation for your effort. Questions and applications in the form of a small motivation and resume can be sent to the current chairman of the student faction, Vivian Turnbull ( (Deadline: Sun 14 Feb.)

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