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⚠️ This Sunday is the deadline for registering for some Beta Business Days 2016 activities & the Xomnia Datathon 2016!

General Assembly

Mon 14 Mar, 19:00, Sociëteit De Walrus

Join us on the General Assembly and let your voice be heard! Please read the relevant documents in advance, to make the assembly go as smooth as possible. Note that we received a document after last Monday (when the GA reminder was sent). Printed document and authorization forms are available in the CACHE (Cover room).


Thu 17 Mar, 16:00, CACHE

What's cool? Pirates!
What's delicious? Pie!

And since it's the week of Pi-day we will combine all these things into one great activity! The Memory will be providing pirate related snacks, drinks, and music. And we ask you all to provide a home baked pie, for there will be a contest to see whose pie is the most delicious (as judged by the jury)!

So grab your scimitar and eyepatch, and bake a pie, as good as the world has never tasted before!

Beta Business Days 2016

Tue 22 and Wed 23 Mar, Martiniplaza
Website / Facebook

The Beta Business Days is a unique two-day career event for all students of the FMNS at the RUG. The event gives students the opportunity to investigate their career prospects and make contacts that could lead to an internship, a thesis project or even a job. There’s a program with a variety of activities by companies. The event is free of charge and includes breakfast, lunch and even drinks after. New this year are the start-up competition (deadline: Sun 13 Mar) and code battle (deadline: Fri 18 Mar), both with great prizes to win. For some activities students are selected on their resume (deadline: Sun 13 Mar).

Mixborrel: Esperia

Thu 24 Mar, time/location TBA

Soon we are organizing drinks together with Esperia. Esperia is the study association for European Languages and Culture. Are you interested in meeting your fellow students from a different faculty? Do you want another borrel, but halfway through the month? Join us and Esperia’s Akcie and members on March 24th!

Xomnia Datathon 2016 + Afterparty

Fri 25 Mar, 20:00, Amsterdam
More information

Battle against AI students in this datathon organized by Xomnia! During 24 hours teams from all AI study associations in The Netherlands have to come up with an innovative solution within the domain of sustainable fishing. After 24 hours a jury will determine the winner. There is a total prize sum of € 1.750. Do you want to join the Cover team? Send an e-mail to (deadline: Sun 13 Mar).

After the final presentation an afterparty is organized on Sat 26 Mar. Each association can invite 15 students. Would you like to cheer on the presentation of the Cover team and enjoy some drinks at the afterparty? Send an e-mail to!

Study Support Sessions

The exams are getting close. Do you still have questions about a course? The StudCee organizes study support sessions where older-years student help you with your exam preparations.

• Neural Networks AI: Thu 24 Mar, 09:00–11:00, V 5161.0165
• Research Methodology: Tue 29 Mar, 11:00–13:00, V 5161.0267
• Program Correctness: Tue 29 Mar, 14:00–16:00, V 5161.0041b


YearbookCee: Update Your Photo

We are hard at work on the upcoming yearbook and this means that we will soon download the photo that you use on your profile on the Cover website, to place them in the yearbook. If you are currently unhappy with your photo, you still have till the first of April to upload a new photo!


The Symposium Committee will announce the theme of the annual Cover symposium next week. The symposium will take place on Thursday the 12th of May, in Plaza Danza, in the center of Groningen. Be sure to mark the date in your agenda.

You will hear more on Monday, so be sure to keep an eye out for the posters and other potential teasers!

Master Admission at RUG?

The RUG board is looking into the possibility of using an admission procedure for master’s degrees. Jet Bussemaker (Minister for Education, Culture and Science) has made it possible for universities to reject admission to master’s programmes for students with a GPA (grade point average) of six. Read more about it in this UK article or sign the petition of university council party Lijst Calimero.

AudiCee Committee Member

Are you an expert when it comes to bookkeeping? Have you been treasurer of an association before? Are you concerned with/interested in the financials of Cover? Help us out and apply for the AudiCee! As an AudiCee member you will audit the books of Cover and advise the treasurer when asked for. Interested? You can apply by sending an e-mail to If you still have questions, please ask a AudiCee member or the commissioner of Internal Affairs.

College Carrousel Assistants

Do you want to earn some money? We are looking for Dutch students to assist with the College Carrousel. This is an event where 16 and 17 year old high school students (4e klas) are shown University per Faculty. We are looking for afternoon helpers, who are paid € 15. As an afternoon helper you bring people to their classes and help. An afternoon is from 13 till 16. College Carrousel takes place on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March and the 5th, 6th and 7th of April. Are you interested? Please e-mail to!

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