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Tue 19 Apr, 18:00, CACHE (Cover room) and Travertijnstraat 12
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We are riders on a mission, action kids in play position Rocket Power!

We are going to skate! Before we are doing awesome tricks on skateboards, there will be a free dinner at 18:00 in the CACHE (only if you participate in this activity). Afterwards you are able to drink something in the Colloseum of Groningen.

N.B. You don’t have to bring a skateboard.

FIFA Tournament Tab

Thu 21 Apr, 16:00, CACHE (Cover room)

Participate in the very first Cover FIFA tournament and show your very best passing game, long shots and skill moves to beat your opponents. Ofcourse, with the new FIFA 16 Trainer functionality, the game has an option to show you what to do, meaning that even beginning players can directly pick up and play. From 16.00–17.00 people will get a chance to get familiar with the game and after that the tournament begins.

Even if you don't want to play FIFA, you are more than welcome to come and drink a beer and cheer on all the players!

International activity: Global Dinner

Mon 25 Apr, 19:30–23:00, Navigators
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In the last few years our faculty has become more and more international. For this reason, study associations Lugus, Cover and GLV Idun are collaborating in an international activity for both their Dutch and international members.

The global dinner will be a 3-course meal for max. €7 in which each course will represent a different part of the world. Cover has limited spots to offer, so be quick!

Treasure Hunt: Indiana Jones and the lost treasure of Cover

Tue 26 Apr, 15:00, CACHE (Cover room)

Rumours say, that somewhere in Groningen Cover’s lost treasure is still hidden. Many have searched for it, but none have found it.

With your team you are going to solve assignments and riddles/puzzles to progress towards the treasure! Both the assignments and finding the treasure first earn you points. We start at the CACHE. At several locations there will be assignments to be fulfilled.

Can you find the treasure?


Parent Day

Are you parents constantly asking what it exactly is you do when you are at the university? Cover’s Parent Day will give them a unique opportunity to see what Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science are all about! The day will be a mix of short lectures, a practical, presentations by alumni and a tour around the Bernouilliborg. At the end of the day there is a borrel and an optional barbecue. More information and the registration can be found on

Board Members 2016–2017

Are you interested in being in the next Cover board? A board year is a very valuable experience and a lot of fun! Besides that it is a great addition to your resume. In the first half of April we organize an open board meeting and an board interest night (with former board members as well) so you can learn what being in the board is all about. We also organize personal coffee moments where you can ask anything to a board member. If you have any questions or if you want to request a coffee moment, contact the board or one of its members directly!

Books Webstore Term IIb currently open!

It is still possible to order books for the next term. You can do this by visiting the Cover website. If you have not ordered your books yet, be sure to order them as soon as possible, as term IIb starts next week. In addition to our regular stock, we also stock books for the Master courses this term. If you have any questions about the book ordering process, feel free to send an email to

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