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Borrel Party: Geordie Shore

Wed 6 July, 21:30, De Tapperij

Did you love all the drama and gossip of the last months? Then you will LOVE our borrel party! This time we are back! This time things are going pure radge! This time there is gonna be more necking on, more kick offs, more drama, more tears, and more drunkenness. Cover is back in the fucking mix. So get some tattoos, put on your fake lashes and hair extensions, flex your muscles and let’s get fucking mortal on July 6th. We are fucking buzzin’!

To help you get fucking mortal, you can drink from our free KEG from 10:30 PM!

Dresscode: Geordie Shore. (Shop tip: Primark.)

Final Activity: Jumping in Utrecht

Fri 8 July, 13:00
Registration form (deadline: Thu 7 July, 10:00 AM)

The end of this school year is already approaching! It is time to put on your sunglasses and prepare for the summer. The ActiviTee has organised one last epic activity to help you start feeling the holiday vibes.

We are going to Utrecht to jump! Utrecht has the biggest jumping centre of Europe! You don’t want to miss this!

After jumping we will have some dinner. Then we are heading back to Groningen with some beers in the train and we will have a borrel to end this perfect day. (Train costs will be paid for, if you don’t have a student OV card.)


Looking for Committee Members

Some of our members are finished with their study! Therefore, there are some committees that want to (partly) fill their ranks before the summer break. Besides that there are some yearly committees to be filled as well.

You can apply for any of the committees below by sending an e-mail to today.


Did you miss your favourite snack or soda in the Cover Room? Join the FoodCee and introduce it! The FoodCee orders the snacks and drinks in the Cover Room and drives to the Makro every now and then to get some extras.


Do you love the Cover Room as much as we do? Show your love and affection by joining the Memory! As a member of the Memory you have a 2-hour shift each week, where you are responsible for the Cover Room. Beside that you get a say in the interior of the room and you organise Thursday Afternoon Borrels(TAB) and some activities.


Are you interested in photography? Polish your skills as a PhotoCee member and help all of us remember the great times we have at Cover.


The goal of the SporTee is to keep the members of Cover in shape by organising sporty and fun activities. Examples of such activities is partaking in the Wampex with a couple of Cover teams, ice skating and paint-balling. Would you like to organise activities with a sporty character, join the SporTee!


Do you want to organise a grand symposium for a large audience, find the most interesting keynote speakers and get to know new people? Last year's symposium was about gaming, what will we learn about next year? Sounds good? Join the SympoCee!


We have been officially granted the organisation of the SNiC of 2017! So the applications are open once again. Do you still want to apply for the SNiC, please send an e-mail to

SNiC is a conference for all CS students in the Netherlands. Every year about 400 students attend, making the organizing of this is event quite challenging and a good addition to your CV. See the SNiC website for previous conferences, their topics and their organisers.

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