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General Assembly

Mon 19 Sep, 19:00, Sociëteit De Walrus

Join us on the Constitutional GA and let your voice be heard! All relevant documents for this GA are available on the website Please read all documents beforehand, to make the assembly go as smooth as possible.

We strongly advise the chairman and treasurer of every committee to come. On this GA we will discuss the budget of coming year.

Before the GA, we will get some pizza and a drink for 7 euros, so if you want to join us, please sign up with this link. You can also mail us your pizza choice or text one of the candidate board members! The deadline is Monday 5 pm, and we will eat them at 6:30 pm in Sociëteit de Walrus.


Tue 20 September, 15:30, Cache

It's Cover's birthday! This time our dies is a fiesta. We start our mexican party in the Cache, where we will celebrate our dies natalis with some nachos, salsa and desperados. We will have a super cool surprise for you there! At 7 pm we will continue to eat some mexican food at Cantina Mexicana. We will end our celebration with some tequila shots in the Tapperij!

Sign up for the dinner before Monday 8pm:link

High tea

Wed 21 September, 16:00, Cache

The first activity of the AphrodiTee is as femine as it can be. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but ladies + food is absolutely a 100% match. High tea: A fairly substantial meal that includes tea and is served in the late afternoon or early evening. What this means for you: Discover your feminine side, and get some FREE food and drinks.

PS. 4 uur is bier uur! (from 4 pm you can buy some beer)


Announcements by the board

  • Next Monday the candidate board will become the board of Cover!
  • Lisa is organdonor, what about you?
  • We will be organizing an event around WK dammen.
  • Today is Tineke's birthday! She is finally 20!

Looking for a secretary of the Cover travel foundation

The foundation is responsible for supervising Cover's travel committees. If you are interested in applying or are looking for more information you can contact the foundation at or

Looking for committee members!

The new year is starting and many committees will be looking for new members, see the website for a complete overview.


Are you looking for a fun and social committee? Do you want to help organize and spice up activities like borrels, running dinners, game nights, pub quiz and other activities and parties? Join the ActiviTee!


Would you like to know what to do in case of fire, learn to extinguish one. Learn simple medical aid? Join the HEROcee and apply your learned skills when needed.


Are you interested in photography? Polish your skills as a PhotoCee member and help all of us remember the great times we have at Cover. You don't need to have your own equipment!

The deadline for these committees is 21 September


The Academic Broadening Committee regularly arranges study-related activities such as lectures, trips to AI- and CS-related companies and institutes, and of course trips to a city in a foreign country.


Did you order your books with us? Then you have already met the BookCee who find out what books to put in the webshop and keep contact with the Studystore. Feel like helping out? Join the BookCee!

FirstYearCee (First year and senior members!)

Are you a first year and are you looking for a committee, but unable to pick a specific committee? Join the FirstYearCee! The FirstYearCee organizes three activities in a year, which means it is not as demanding as other committees. It is a good way to get to know Cover and committee work together with fellow first years. Are you a senior member who knows the ins and outs of Cover? Then this is your chance to join the FirstyearCee again!


Do you want to organise a grand symposium for a large audience, find the most interesting keynote speakers and get to know new people? Last year's symposium was about gaming, what will we learn about next year? Join the SympoCee!

The deadline for these committees is 28 September

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

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