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Running Dinner

Mon 26 Sep, 18:00, several locations

Ready for some new flavours to expand your culinary horizons? Tired of cooking dinner (almost) every day? This is your chance to be lazy and let the ActiviTee cook for you! Although... you are not allowed to be entirely lazy, since it will be a running dinner! This means you will get several courses each served at a different location, and you'll have to travel between them.

We will make sure you'll have something delicious to eat. You just have to make sure you'll be there!

The price for attending is 7.50. Please sign up here. You can sign up until Sunday the 25th at 23.59.

Sword fighting

Tue 27 Sep, 17:00, outside the Bernoulliborg

Sign up here to join the swordfighting activity of the SporTee on the 27nd of September!

Sign up here

Signing up is completely free, however still required since only 20 people can participate. If you sign up after 20 people already have signed up, we will notify you about it. The swordfighting takes place outside of the Bernouilliborg at 17:00.

Prominent in de Tent

Tue 4 Oct, 23:00, Huize Maas

"Hoe diep kun je zinken"

Come and party with other studie associations in your best (under the) sea outfit!

Tickets cost 20 euros and include unlimted beer, wine and soda! You can get your ticket from the board in the CACHE now!


Announcements by the board

  • Since last Monday, the candidate board has become the board!
  • This Tuesday, Cover became 23 years old!
  • Wijand Karsens has become an extraordinary member.
  • FMF & Cover are going to organise some activities around WK dammen together.

Continuous direct debits

As of a few weeks ago, continuous direct debits have been successfully implemented. By signing a continuous direct debit contract, you will no longer have to sign any debit forms, making things easier for both you and me. If you want to sign such a contract, you can either download one on your profile on under the header "Direct debits" or you can ask the treasurer. Once you have signed this contract you can hand it to the treasurer or put it in the box for signed direct debits. Once the contract is put in the system, printing direct debits after every purchase is history.

Looking for committee members!

The new year is starting and many committees will be looking for new members, see the website for a complete overview.


The Academic Broadening Committee regularly arranges study-related activities such as lectures, trips to AI- and CS-related companies and institutes, and of course trips to a city in a foreign country.

Deadline: September 28


Did you order your books with us? Then you have already met the BookCee who find out what books to put in the webshop and keep contact with the Studystore. Feel like helping out? Join the BookCee!

Deadline: September 28

FirstYearCee (First year and senior members!)

Are you a first year and are you looking for a committee, but unable to pick a specific committee? Join the FirstYearCee! The FirstYearCee organizes three activities in a year, which means it is not as demanding as other committees. It is a good way to get to know Cover and committee work together with fellow first years. Are you a senior member who knows the ins and outs of Cover? Then this is your chance to join the FirstyearCee again!

Deadline: September 28


Do you want to organise a grand symposium for a large audience, find the most interesting keynote speakers and get to know new people? Last year's symposium was about gaming, what will we learn about next year? Join the SympoCee!

Deadline: September 28

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

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