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Game Night

Tue 22 Nov, 21:00, de Boom

It's getting colder and that means you want to be in a warm place with good company. So it's time to go to a warm cafe, have some drinks and pull out those dusty game boxes! We'll bring the classic games, but also the popular/modern games. And get that warm December feel going ahead of time.

Pub Lecture: Big Data - Dataprovider

Wed 23 Nov, 20:00, Heerenhuis

What's the best location for a (short) lecture? That's right, the bar! Dataprovider will give a bar lecture on big data at the beautiful location of "Het Heerenhuis" and on top of that there will be 2 free drinks for everyone!

Checkers Clinic and Tourney

Thu 24 Nov, 15:00, NB 5114.0001 (VIP room)

Do you want to learn how to play checkers from a world champion? Then this is your chance! Roel Boomstra will teach you how to become better, as he will explain some theory and lets you practice.

Checkers World Championship: Black & White Party

Thu 24 Nov, 22:00, Shooters

This year the world championship of checkers will take place in Groningen. To celebrate this, we're giving a party! As checkers is all about the black and white party, so our theme will be black & white. So get dressed up in white and/or black and show us your enthusiasm. We hope to see you there!

First Activity FirstyearCee

Tue 29 Nov, 18:00, Cache

Are you a first year student and still looking for that one practical partner, your new best friend or the love of your life? Look no further, because the FirstYearCee will arrange this for you! Before the introcamp afterparty, come hang out with us and other first years. You can order Chinese food or Pizza until 16.00 on the 29th of November which will be delivered at 18.00. The activity will start at 20.00!

Christmas Borrel

Wed 7 Dec, 21:30, De Tapperij

The days are getting shorter and going out is becoming harder and harder. So it's time to put on your most ugly christmas sweater. If you inexplicably don't have one, ask your grandmom to knit you one or check out the local thrift store. At least make sure you look like you're looking forward to the holidays and don't get cold!


Announcements by the board

  • Emilio Oldenziel has won the SNiC! (Congratulations with all your prizes!)

Map your AI study programme

Together with the academic advisor we are organising an information session on the planning of your study programme, for 2nd and 3rd year AI BSc students. Learn the details about the options available in your BSc program, find out the requirements to get your degree and let other students inform you about the elective courses you have to choose from. For the second half of this information session we are also looking for AI students who have already taken a variety of elective courses and who are willing to share their experiences. Sent a mail to if your are interested.

Looking for committee members!

The new year is starting and many committees will be looking for new members, see the website for a complete overview.


The AphrodiTee is one of Cover's youngest and most feminine committee and they make sure that the women of the association also get enough fun activities to participate in. These activities range from sporty and active, such as a ballroom dancing course, to relaxed, such as a Valentine’s dinner.

Deadline: November 21

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

Looking for external committee members!


Be part of the Beta Business Days 2017 and join the Beta Business Days Committee! The BBC is the supporting committee of the Beta Business Days. This fun committee consists of various beta students and only takes a few hours a week during December, January and February! Interested? Send your motivation to​​

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