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Wed 11 Jan, 21:30, De Tapperij

Even though 2017 still looks so far away, the January borrel is already planned. Come join us and tell all your stories about the Christmas days or the New Year's parties you attended! Fun fact: people tell better stories when they have a few drinks, so we will provide 100 FREE BEER! (Or soda, if you have decided to stop drinking as New Year's resolution!)

Study Support Calculus

Fri 20 Jan, 11:00-13:00, BB5161.0041b

Are you struggling with a topic in Calculus? Are you just generally confused by all the methods and formulas? Then come to this study support lecture, where we will practice the difficult topics once again and listen closely to all your questions.

Study Support Signals & Systems

Fri 20 Jan, 13:00-15:00, BB 5161.0267

Do you have any problems with the theory of Signals and Systems? Do you want help in preparing for the exam? During this study support session, we will give you an overview of the exam material and help you understand subjects that you had problems with so far.

Join this last unofficial lecture given by students who have passed this course in the past.

Study Support Discrete Structures

Mon 23 Jan, 11:00-13:00, BB 5161.0041b

Troubles with Discrete Structures? The graphs getting confusion or don't remember all your closures? Then come to this study support lecture. Where we will overview the exam material and practice the difficult problems.


Announcements by the board

  • Merry Christmas!
  • This will be the last Newsletter of this year and there will be no newsletters in the holiday weeks.
  • The committee battle started! Please check the rules and assignments so you can win this ultimate battle!

Mailing Couchsurfing

We created a new mailing list for people in need of a place to sleep in Groningen. If you have spare place in your room/house, please subscribe to this mailing list. If you need a place to stay, please mail to

Looking for committee members!

The new year is starting and many committees will be looking for new members, see the website for a complete overview.


Do you want to organize the best borrels and parties for Cover? Do you want to organize big activities where you can decide what you want to do? Then this is the committee for you. The only prerequisite is that you can party like a Russian!

Deadline: January 13

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

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