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Martinus Brewery Tour + Tasting

Tue 28 March, 19:30, Martinus Brewery

Are you curious what is going on in a brewery? Then this is your chance: Join us on the tour of Martinus Brouwerij and beer tasting. We will have the tour first, then we will have 3 different special beers. Afterwards there is time to have some more drinks.

In short: Where: Martinus Brouwerij When: 28 February, 7:30 PM (be on time!) What: Tour + 3 special beers Fee: 10 euros

Please fill in this form if you want to join

Deadline Registration MxCee Trip

Tue 28 Feb, 23:59

Find us at for more information and to show your interest.

Committee Assembly

Wed 1 March, 15:00-17:00

All chairmen and treasurers are urged to join us. If you cannot be there it is important that someone else from your committee comes to represent the committee.

At this committee assembly we are going to do things a little bit differently. We are going to go through the half year realisations and Stijn will be there to answer any questions you may still have. We are also going discuss the future of the committees and activities.

Schittermagische Borrel

Wed 1 March, 21:30, De Tapperij

This borrel will be schittermagisch! Time to get psyched and get your best drinking outfit out for a great evening!

[Career] Lunchlecture: TNO Working life as a software engineer: looking back at RuG CS courses

Wed 8 March, 11:00-13:00, BB 222

Jan Pieter will explain how his studying at the university did and did not prepare him for working as a software engineer who builds prototypes using different technologies at TNO. With free lunch!

TAB-Talk: A political account of Privacy

Thu 9 March, 16:00, Cover room

Privacy from a personal standpoint is often very simple and very binary: You either have nothing to hide, or it is none of their business! But we do expect the government to keep us safe. Should they be exempted and be given access? And what are the consequences of such broad access for our democracy?

Titus Stahl is an Assistant Professor at the faculty of Philosophy at the RUG, focussed on political and social philosophy. He has a specific interest in communication privacy. Use PGP if you want to email him.

Visit TomTom headquarters - Autonomous Driving

Fri 10 March, 12:00-21:00, TomTom headquarters Amsterdam

Did you know that the worlds most famous navigation company, TomTom, is now working on self-driving cars? Please come and join us to the headquarters of TomTom. We will get a demo traffic presentation in the traffic tower, a Masterclass on the application of AI in Autonomous Driving by the HEAD of MAPS-Autonomous Driving (Willem Srtijbosch) and a Networking & Drinking session with Willem Strijbosch’s team. TomTom has been so nice to arrange a touring bus from the Zernike to Amsterdam and back. But, since it's a friday, you can also stay in Amsterdam and go to "thuis thuis" afterwards. On the way back we will arrange for some beer in the bus. Sign up now! Yes I am joining this activity!

General Assembly

Mon 13 March, 19:00, de Walrus

We would like to invite you to the General Assembly on the 13th of March. The meeting will start at 19:00.

Crash & Compile

Wed 16 March, 17:30-23:00, Quintor Groningen - Ubbo Emmiussingel 112

On Wednesday the 15th of March, it's once again time for the annual Crash & Compile! The C&C is a programming competition held at Quintor where you take a drink every time your code fails. There will be ten programming exercises ranging in difficulty from "End of Impprog" to "HackerRank" and you'll earn more points the quicker you solve them. There are prizes to win and drinks to be drunk, so sign up (in pairs) as soon as possible, as there are only 30 spaces (15 pairs)! Dinner is included, drinks are free, and there is no entry fee! Sign up at!

ExCee trip to Antwerp

Wed 26 April till Sun 30 April

Save the date! It's going to be epic!


Announcements by the board

  • Did you receice an e-mail about the national student questionnaire? Please fill it in, because it helps the university a lot!
  • The contract with TomTom is signed.
  • Ocasys is getting old. Do you have an opinion about how an electronic study guide should look like? You can have influence in the new study guide! The interview takes 20 minutes. Please contact the board if you are interested.
  • If you want to have feedback on an idea that you have sent to the board, please send your idea from your own e-mail address.

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!


Do you love the Cover Room as much as we do? Show your love and affection by joining the Memory! As a member of the Memory you have a 2-hour shift each week, where you are responsible for the Cover Room. Beside that you get a say in the interior of the room and you organize Thursday Afternoon Borrels(TAB) and some activities.


Are you interested in photography? Polish your skills as a PhotoCee member and help all of us remember the great times we have at Cover.

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

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