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Preliminaries GNSK Smash 4

Thu 13 April, 16:00, Cover room, Facebook event

Do you think you and a friend are the very best at Super Smash 4 for the WiiU? Do you want to test your skills against other students from all over the Netherlands? Now is your chance! E-Sports is now added to the sports at the Big Dutch Students Tournament(Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap). For €43,- you can show your skills 9, 10 and 11 Juni in Eindhoven. For this money you also get:

-A national students sports tournament with a lot of games

-2 times breakfast & lunch (saturday & sunday)

-1 times diner (saturday)

-2 nights at the GNSK-camping (friday 'till sunday)

-An opening act and party friday night

-A big party on saturday night

-An Extensive extra program for the whole weekend

To send the best team to the GNSK preliminaries will be organisied the 13th of April. These preliminaries will be held at the Coverroom and start at 16:00. If you want to join the preliminaries, please send an e-mail to with your and your friends name. If you don't have a Smash buddy you can still mail and we will pair you with someone of your level. See you there!

Motivational Lecture

Tue 18 April, 15:00-17:00, BB 222, Facebook event

For those of you who struggle with bringing order to your work, working ahead of deadlines and overall motiviation to do your studies, fear no more! During this brief and rapid-fire lecture Jennifer Spenader will use all of her positive energy to help you bring back your motivation with general tips and tricks that will make your studying - and even working - life easier!

Brainstorming with the board: Fellowships

Wed 19 April, 13:00-15:00, BB 222

At the March GA we heard many ideas that still need to be considered before the fellowships will become a part of Cover. At this brainstorming with the board we are talk about these ideas and get your insight on how you think the fellowships should be created!

Member weekend

Fri 21 April - Sun 23 April, Klonie, Facebook event

Do you feel like clearing your mind and having fun with Cover friends? Join us this weekend on Member Weekend! Member Weekend will cost max €59, which includes your stay, dinner, unlimited beer, toasties and above all, BBQ included! Bring your Cover friends and a good mood — we’ll take care of the rest smile.gif

Sign up here before wednesday the 19th!

More information will follow!

Alumniday Computing Science: Where will I end up?

Mon 24 April, 13:00, BB 165, Facebook event

I have finished my studies, now what? This is a question many people ask themselves. On this event alumni from Computing Science will tell you where they ended up after studying Computing Science. You get a look into the working life of these people and hopefully you will end up with a better idea of the possibilities within your studyfield. We will begin the afternoon with lunch, coffee and tea. Also, we will end the evening with some drinks and snacks.

ExCee trip to Antwerp

Wed 26 April till Sun 30 April, Facebook event

The ExCee trip is going to Antwerp! The trip will take five days, and we will be hitchhiking to Belgium (not mandatory). There we will visit (start-up) companies and the university and doing some cultural things (Antwerp is known for their craft beers!). For just 140 euros you can experience all of this! So don't hesitate and sign up at: The deadline is the 10th of April!

Pimp Your Bike

Wed 26 April, 15:00-17:00, Bloemsingel 8, on the square next to stadsstrand, Facebook event

Are you bored of your old bike, and want to decorate your bike? Then this is your chance to do a makeover with your bike! The ActiviTee has organized a 'pimp your bike' event. Come to Bernoulliborg at the 26th of April and pimp your bike, completely FREE of charge. We will provide the paint and some nice figures.

Alumni Borrel

Fri 12 May, 20:30, Café Wolthoorn

At the March GA we heard many ideas that still need to be considered before the fellowships will become a part of Cover. At this brainstorming with the board we are talk about these ideas and get your insight on how you think the fellowships should be created!

Symposium: Made in Groningen

Thu 18 May, 12:00-18:00, De Pijp, Boterdiep 69-1 Groningen

High up north lies the beautiful city of Groningen. The home of the University of Groningen and Study Association Cover for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. But Groningen is not only a hotspot for students and tourists, it also is home to a lot of innovative companies and startups. During this symposium on the 18th of May we want to give an exclusive insight into some of these companies. What do they do, and more importantly: how do they use artificial intelligence and computing science in their daily work. Everyone is welcome to join us, but registration is mandatory.

See our website for more details and registration!


Announcements by the board

  • Although we're already halfway through the exam period, the board wishes you luck with the remaining exams!

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!


The Academic Broadening Committee regularly arranges study-related activities such as lectures, trips to AI- and CS-related companies and institutes, and of course a yearly trip to a city in a foreign country.


Are you looking for a fun and social committee? Do you want to help organize and spice up activities like Borrels, Running Dinners, Game Nights, Pub Quizzes, and other activities/parties? Join the ActiviTee!


Do you love the Cover Room as much as we do? Show your love and affection by joining the Memory! As a member of the Memory you have a 2-hour shift each week, where you are responsible for the Cover Room. Beside that you get a say in the interior of the room and you organize Thursday Afternoon Borrels(TAB) and some activities.


Have you seen the awesome posters for Cover activities? They were created by PubliciTee members! The PubliciTee is a creative committee that designs posters and sometimes other promotional material. Do you want to create the next good poster? Join the PubliciTee!

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.

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