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Week review

Another week, another newsletter! So what did Cover do this week? On Monday we had an active event: Climbing at Bjoeks. Some members loved to go as high as possible, other people discovered they had fear of heights. In the end, everybody had tired arms. On Tuesday, we had an Inhouse day at Quintor with a free dinner (which was very nice as Stufi wasn't there yet). We learnt about Blockchain and a day in a life of an analyst. And the last event was our annual Staff BBQ! It was the first time we organised a BBQ for 60 people, but in the end it was a success and everybody had eaten enough. After that, most people started their (unofficial) weekend, which is perfect with this kind of weather!

Next week, we have a special borrel we all have been looking forward to: Who is going to be next year's board? I hope you're as excited as I am and will join us on Tuesday! For other events of Cover, scroll down ;)

Have a great weekend!


Get To Know BEST

Mon 29 May, 13:00-17:00, Nijenborgh 4, FB event

Come along to our free event, where you will be able to discover what BEST really is, participate in some traditional BEST games based on the 5 values of BEST and find out the opportunities BEST can give you at a local level and at the international level.

We will be located at the entrance of Nijenborg 4 and the timings are very flexible you can particpate for the entire time, or just for an hour (whatever works for you). No need to sign up, just turn up on the day!

Candidate Board Announcement Borrel

Tue 30 May, 21:30, 't Fust, FB event

It's time for us to announce our successors! On the 30th of May, the new candidate board for 2017-2018 will be announced. So if you're curious to see who is going to lead Cover for a year, you should come! To celebrate this, we also have plenty of free beer.

The borrel starts at 21:30 and we hope to announce the candidate board around 11 pm. So be on time, and let's make it an unforgettable evening!

General Assembly

Tue 6 June, 19:00, Café the Crown

This is going to be the last GA of this academic year where your voice can be heard!The documents will be made available at least one week in advance.


Wed 7 June, 21:30, De Tapperij

Just a normal borrel, so relax and just come have a beer with us!


Announcements by the board

  • Stijn is still not available for money stuff, because he is in New York (JEALOUS!)

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!


The Academic Broadening Committee regularly arranges study-related activities such as lectures, trips to AI- and CS-related companies and institutes, and of course a yearly trip to a city in a foreign country.


Do you love the Cover Room as much as we do? Show your love and affection by joining the Memory! As a member of the Memory you have a 2-hour shift each week, where you are responsible for the Cover Room. Beside that you get a say in the interior of the room and you organize Thursday Afternoon Borrels(TAB) and some activities.


Have you seen the awesome posters for Cover activities? They were created by PubliciTee members! The PubliciTee is a creative committee that designs posters and sometimes other promotional material. Do you want to create the next good poster? Join the PubliciTee!

To apply to one of these committees (or any committees on the website looking for members) you should email For more information on committees please check the website.


FMF soccer tournament

On May 31, the FMF organizes their yearly soccer tournament. It starts at 13:00 at the soccer fields of the ACLO. If you want to join, please sign up for a team of at least 6 persons by mailing to Joining is free of costs!

EC Master Enquête

Dear student,

We got an assignment of the EC-master (Educatie & Communicatie-master) to analyze the reasons why students choose for this master or not. We are curious to know if you are considering to choose the EC-master, or had considered to choose this master and why this was the case. Furthermore, we are interested in the use of social media, because we want to know which social media channels could be used for information. The questions of this survey are in Dutch, because the EC-master currently has mainly a Dutch program.

We would appreciate it that when you understand Dutch, you take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire.

Thanks in advance,

Jorian Huisman, Floris Harmanni & Redmar Hein (students of the EC-master)

Survey for Bachelor students

Survey for Master student

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