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Week review

It's time for the first newsletter of the year! In a weeks time the introduction day will kick of the start of a new academic year. During the summer we've of course been celebrating the free time and going on vacations but we've also been working hard to prepare for the upcoming year. This week the whole candidate board was in Limburg working on our policy plan and various other things during the day, while having fun in the evenings. I really enjoyed it, we got a lot of work done and we're really looking forward to the start of the year!

The Introduction camp is also coming up, so if you haven't signed up yet and still want to go scroll down for the link!


Introduction day

Friday 1st of September, 14:00, Bernoulliborg

The summer is over and it's time to start your first day of university! During the introduction day the university will have a morning program and at 2 pm we will take over. We will have 3 different parts on our side. The computer instruction, this is where your mentor will explain how all the university websites and the ways of communication. The tour, where your mentor will show you all the important locations you will need to know during your first weeks, also visiting the Cache (Cover room) and the photo location to take a head shot of all the first years. The third part is outside where there will be an obstacle course, a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine.

Welcome (back) Social

Wednesday 6th of September, 21:30

At the sixth of September we are together going to celebrate the start of a new school year! Of course there will be free beers!

If you are new to Cover this night is amazing to get to know all members of the association! We are just going to get some beers together and have a lovely evening. For all already members of Cover this is a great opportunity to see all your friends again.

The location still is a surprise, so pay attetion to our facebook page where we will announce the location as soon as possible. Facebook

Introduction Camp "Heroes vs. Villains"

Friday 8th of September 15:00 till Sunday 10th of September 16:30 Location: Pagedal, Hoveniersweg 1, 9502 BW, Stadskanaal.

The introduction camp is organised for all the first year students of Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. During the camp you will get to know your fellow first years, as well as a group of active older years and the study association in general. There will be games to get to know each other and drinks and music to have fun in the evening. The theme this year is "Heroes vs. Villains" and the real life role playing game will be using this theme as well. The camp will be for 2 nights and 3 days, with a full program, food and a bed provided, all for only €55.

For further info and to sign up go to the site here. Please keep in mind the first deadline is 18 August, if you miss this deadline there is a second deadline on the 1st of September during the introday, but if there are not enough spots there will be a drawing, so sign up fast!

Hope to see you all there!


Announcements by the board

  • The board hopes you all had a great summer and are ready to start the new academic year well rested.

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