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Week review

Last week was the Introduction day and we all saw each other (again). There was a big obstacle course outside with a race to get a discount on your introduction camp fee. There was also a tour and a computer instruction to get all the first years acquainted with everything of the university.

The first social of the year was last Wednesday, namely the Welcome (back) Social. It was great to see all the first years that showed up and we hope to see them again at the next social!

Right now we're gearing up for the introduction camp so see you there!


Introduction Camp "Heroes vs. Villains"

Friday 8th of September 15:00 till Sunday 10th of September 16:30 Location: Pagedal, Hoveniersweg 1, 9502 BW, Stadskanaal.

The introduction camp is organised for all the first year students of Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. During the camp you will get to know your fellow first years, as well as a group of active older years and the study association in general. There will be games to get to know each other and drinks and music to have fun in the evening. The theme this year is "Heroes vs. Villains" and the real life role playing game will be using this theme as well. The camp will be for 2 nights and 3 days, with a full program, food and a bed provided, all for only €55.

For further info and to sign up go to the site here. Please keep in mind the first deadline is 18 August, if you miss this deadline there is a second deadline on the 1st of September during the introday, but if there are not enough spots there will be a drawing, so sign up fast!

Hope to see you all there!

Linux Workshop for CS

Monday 11th of September, 09:00 till 11:00 Location: V 5161.0283 To make your life a little easier, we are organising a workshop for Linux. We will cover navigating the maze of Linux, getting the terminal to listen to you, and getting that C-code compiled right. So, whether you have problems taming that Linux monster or you just want to stop by to pick up some cool tips & tricks, this is the workshop for you! Be sure to come, and bring your friends!

There will be two workshops in total, so if you cannot make this one, check out the other one!

Linux Workshop for AI

Monday 11th of September, 13:00 till 15:00 Location: X 5116.0310

General Assembly

Monday 11th of September, 19:00, De Walrus We would like to invite you to the General Assembly on the 11th of September. The meeting will start at 19:00. All relevant documents will be emailed to you and you can also find them on


Wednesday 13th of September, 20:30 till 23:00 Location: Newscafe Groningen - Waagplein 5, 9712 JZ Groningen Do you think you're the smartest first year student around or do you, as an older student, feel the need to prove you are better than the first years? Come and test your knowledge during the PubQuiz. Get ready to use all of your knowledge on Groningen, sports, politics and many more! The PubQuiz will be hosted by the FirstYearCee from 20:30 onwards in the News Cafe, so please be on time. The PubQuiz will be held in teams which gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know your soon to be friends. The biggest braniacs will get a grand prize! So hesitate no more and join us!

Programming for Dummies for AI

Friday 15th of September, 13:00 till 15:00 Location: BB 5161.0222 Programming for dummies is here to help you think programmatically! In this lecture-workshop hybrid, we will discuss how programs are like Lego houses, how daily life is full of complex algorithms, and how to cut your tomatoes recursively. All this and more to help those students who have little or no experience with programming to get into the right mindframe.

PS. Note that we will only look at pseudocode - that is, no programming language specifics will be discussed.

Programming for Dummies for CS

Friday 15th of September, 15:00 till 17:00 Location: BB 5161.0293

Constitutional General Assembly

Monday 18th of September, 19:00 Location: TBD We would like to invite you to the Constitutional General Assembly on the 18th of September. The meeting will start at 19:00. All relevant documents will be emailed to you and you can also find them on This is also the general assembly where we will change boards, so if you have any questions for the current board you can ask them here!

Pool Night

Wednesday 27th of September, 20:00 till 23:00 Location: Streetlife Everyone survived their first few weeks of lectures, so it's about time that their is a chill night. The ActiviTee has organised a pool night! You don't have to be good at pooling, you can be a beginner or a pro, everyone is welcome!The first one and a half hour of pooling is free, after that it's 1 euro per game.

Please sign up here so we can reserve the right amount of pool tables: link

[CAREER] Get To Know TNO

Friday 13th of October, 10:00 Location: Stieltjesweg, Delft This activity is not organised by Cover. Visit our main sponsor on this day and see what the working life at TNO is like. For more information see: here


Announcements by the board

  • The board hopes everybody enjoyed their first classes.
  • See you at the introduction camp later today!

Other events

First Year Study Corner Every Monday of the first period there will be a first year study corner will be held in the Cover room from 10am until noon. We want to ask older years to join the sessions and help the first years during this time. If you want to help just show up at one of the meetings! Please keep in mind the Cover room will not be open for recreational activities during this time.


SURFnet ensures that researchers, instructors, and students can work together simply and effectively with the aid of ICT. Boosting the quality of education and research requires an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure. SURFnet supports, innovates, develops and operates this infrastructure, which consists of both network and collaborative components.

We are always looking within our community for (campus) start-ups, groups of students, study associations and student organizations with a passion for IT and ICT innovation that can tackle future problems and are willing to work on functional prototypes to proof a concept, idea, service or technology.

Do you think your organization can rapidly develop, loves innovation and would like to showcase the results to the international community SURFnet has? Send us an email at!

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!


Looking for ComExA members! Are you interested in contacting companies or organizing fun or more serious career-related activities together with our sponsor partners? Then apply for the ComExA! The ComExA (Committee of External Affairs) is the committee supporting the Commissioner of External Affairs. As a member, you will approach new interesting companies related to Computing Science or Artificial Intelligence, establish interesting partnerships for the association and help organize fun, or more formal, activities together with these companies. Are you interested in gaining a lot of useful experience and establish contacts that can help you later in your career? Let us know by sending an e-mail to before the 22 th of September. Interviews will take place in the week of the 25th of september.


Do you love the Cover Room as much as we do? Show your love and affection by joining the Memory! As a member of the Memory you have a two hour shift each week, where you are responsible for the Cover Room. Beside that you get a say in the interior of the room and you organize Thursday Afternoon Drinks(TAD) as well as the ThuNDr once a month. Deadline: 22th of September

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