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Week review

This week we had the New Location Social! I think the new location is a big succes and everybody had a great time. There were plenty of people taking full advantage of the free shots as well. And even though it was in the middle of the exam period there were plenty of people at the social. I hope everybody still managed to pass their exams though!


Study Support: Imperative Programming

Wednesday 8th of November, 11:00 till 13:00, BB 5161.0267

Do you have any problems with the theory of Imperative Programming? Do you want help in preparing for you exam? During this study support session, we will discuss parts of an old exam and help you understand subjects that are relevant for your exam (such as recognizing the time complexity of a program).

During this lecture, we will also shortly deal with some topics that might need a short reminder, such as the workings of recursion. There will also we the opportunity to ask questions.

SNiC: DisruptIT

Wednesday 15th of November, 11:00 till 20:00

DisruptIT is the 11th conference organised by the Stichting Nationaal Informatica Congres, this year study association Cover provides the committee that will organise it and it will be held on the 15th of November.

This year’s theme is Disruptive Technology. Disruptive Technology is technology that displaces an established technology. This will shake up the current industry or is so ground breaking that it creates its own industry. This topic is focussing on current and future technologies that will change the work field of current students. It is hard for students to predict the future of a rapidly changing market. We want to give the students a mind-changing insight into the future.

*Note that this event is sold out and you can only be placed on a waiting list


Friday 17th of November, 19:00

Do you want to have a night of outdoorsy fun, join the WAMPEX! The WAMPEX is a puzzle route of about 25 km, through the beautiful nature of Frysia. This route is a great opportunity to challenge your puzzle solving skills and endurance together with your team. The activity starts in the evening and takes the whole night. More information and the sign-up page can be found here. The sign ups are first come first serve, so sign up while you still can.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Social

Wednesday 6th of December, 21:30 till 23:59, 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

It's holiday season! It's getting colder and colder, and t-shirts and tops are changed for sweaters. This social you can wear your prettiest ugly Christmas sweater. The whole social is Christmas themed, be on time and get your free beers and a free Christmas hat!


Announcements by the board

  • Good lucky with your exams!
  • Come over to the Cover room after your exam for a free cup of coffee or tea.

Long term plan

One of the points from our policy plan is (re-)instating the long term plan. For this we have checked what previous boards did about this and collected that information as far as it was still relevant. However we would love to get the input from our members and see what they think is important for Cover to be focusing on the coming 5 years. So if you have an idea or something you think is important to put in the long term plan please email me on!

BEST is looking for a new board

Do you want to work alongside 96 boards in Europe? Do you want to travel, gain experience while studying full time? BEST Groningen is looking for new board members to start in December. Doing a board at BEST is only part time and it takes about 3-4 hours a week, some weeks more, some weeks less. Interested, email the current board at!"

ASML Career Day!

November 23rd

Includes a free ride to and from the event. Are you in the final phase of your study and contemplating your potential career? Join our Career Day and experience our diverse, unique and innovative environment firsthand. Have a chat with ASML employees about their personal experiences, discover our campus, visit the information market and discuss your opportunities with us. And who knows, your visit might be a glimpse into your future. Our ASML Career Day takes place at ASML Headquarters in Veldhoven. On this day you will join our world and discover how we push technology further. - Visit the Experience Center. - Enjoy complimentary refreshments and a dinner. - Have a scheduled Meet & Greet with one of our engineers. - Get your CV checked by one of our recruiters. Apply for the ASML Career Day here

The deadline for registration will be November 12th, 2017. You will receive a response on Wednesday November 14th, 2017. For further information click here

Volunteering at the Beta Career Day

The Beta Career Day is an event that aims to prepare students for their future career. The day is mainly oriented at first-year master students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The students are welcome for coffee from 09:30 and at 10:00 the event will kick off with an interesting guest speaker. During the day various workshops and lectures will be given and students can get a professional LinkedIn picture taken or their CV checked. The programme will end at 16:45 and then we will finish the day with networking drinks. To make sure everything runs smoothly during the event we will need a number of volunteers. The tasks of the volunteers will include ushering of the visitors and being present as doormen. Also, we will need two people who can take pictures during the day. The volunteers will have to be present from 09:30 until 16:45, afterwards they are, of course, welcome to stay for a drink and the opportunity to talk to the alumni. The volunteers will receive a free lunch and a gift voucher as a reward for their efforts. Furthermore, we will need some people who want to flyer before the event, for specific timeslots you can ask your board. If you are interested in helping us to make the Beta Career Day a success, sign up now! You can do this with the board of your student association, registration will be open until 3 November.

Philips Innovation Award Seminar

We are looking for students and young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to enter the Philips Innovation Award competition. Do you want to turn your idea into a successful start-up and perhaps win €50,000,-? Come to our seminar to register your idea and learn more about the PHIA competition. An inspiring speaker will spice things up, and those with guts will get the chance to pitch their idea already. The best pitch wins a price!

What: PHIA regional preliminaries, When: 29th of November 2017 15:00-17:30, Where: Startup City (Kadijk 2, Groningen), registration deadline: 24 November 2017

For more information and to sign up for this event click here. If you have questions mail to

Other events

First Year Study Corner

Every Monday of the first period there will be a first year study corner will be held in the Cover room from 10am until noon. We want to ask older years to join the sessions and help the first years during this time. If you want to help just show up at one of the meetings! Please keep in mind the Cover room will not be open for recreational activities during this time.

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members! If you want to apply for a committee please email to let her know you're interested. A resume or motivation is optional, so feel free to just tell her you're interested!


Do you want to organize next year’s introductory day and introductory camp? Join the IntroCee!

Deadline: 6th of November


Are you creative or looking for a way to put your mark on Cover? Join the YearBookCee! The YearBookCee publishes a YearBook each year.

HeroCee Would you like to know what to do in case of fire, learn to extinguish one. Learn simple medical aid? Join the HEROcee and apply your learned skills when needed. You can only join the HEROcee after your propaedeutic phase.

Deadline: 13th of November

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