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Week review

Exams are always a stressful time, luckily enough we started the week with a Boardgame Night to relieve some of it. I think all of us who were there, have enjoyed ourselves with many games, as there were many people to play games with. The rest of the week was mostly focused on the exams and deadlines of courses and I heard already quite a lot people that are happy with the Cover Study Corner in room 0041b, so we are really happy that we have the room for the following week as well. Also, if you like to take a break in the Coverroom, the Memory has added soup to K.A.S.T. for a nice snack during studying for exams. Good luck for the coming week if you have exams left, if you have not, have a lot of fun during your spare time or vacation!


[Career] Hacking in Practice - Lunch Lecture by TNO

Tuesday 6th of February, 11:00 till 13:00, BB 5161.0289

The world of Cyber Security today is full of hacking and, more importantly, it’s implications. In order to be a significant player in this field, TNO performs research in the fields of digital attacks, risk management and prevention. Fully understanding how a hacker works is a part of this research.

In this talk, Jan Kazemier, scientist at TNO Cyber Security & Robustness (and alumnus of Cover), will give a brief introduction into the world of hacking in practice.

Cover will provide a free lunch for everyone!

Valentine Social

Wednesday 7th of February, 21:30, 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

Valentines day is coming up soon and that means love is in the air! To prepare you for this day we will be doing a lollypop action. This means you can buy a lolly beforehand and write a card to go with it. During the social we will hand these out to the correct persons. So if you want to declare your love to your secret crush, want to send your girl/boyfriend a nice treat or just want to make a friend happy, make sure you don't forget to write your card and order your lollypop in time.

A lollypop will cost 1 euro and you have to order it before 2 February! Ordering can be done by filling out the form in the Cover room and writing your message.


Monday 12th of February, 20:00, Paintball City, Bornholmstraat 46

Do you wanna play paintball? Now is your chance! If you have always wanted to shoot your friends with little balls of paint, now you can! We will be playing paintball in an indoor facility, so don't worry about the weather. You can sign up at: There are only a limited amount of spots available, so sign up while you still can.

Member weekend

Friday 23rd of March 17:00 till Sunday 25th of March 17:00, Wouda, Wester Es 3, 8426BJ, Appelscha

It's time for another member weekend. Come and join us for a weekend full of eating, drinking and games! Make sure you bring you Cover friends and a good mood!

More information will follow soon.


Announcements by the board:

  • Good luck with your exams and come study in the "Cover Study Corner" (room 41b of the Bernoulliborg)!

Cover Study Corner

During the 2 weeks of the exams (22 January until 2 February) room 41b (the room next to the Cover room) of the Bernoulliborg will be an extra place you can study. We'll provide printed old exams (with answers where available) and of course there will be free coffee and tea. The room is reserved for Cover so it should offer a lot of extra study places for all of us when the study landscape is full. Hope to see you there

Looking for master students for the National Masterday Artificial Intelligence

This year, a national Masterday will be organized on the 21st of March in Utrecht, where all the master’s programs AI in the Netherlands will present themselves to interested students. All involved universities will give a lecture, and there will be an information market. For this market, we are looking for students from Groningen who are in one of the relevant master programs and who are willing to provide those interested with information and experiences on the programs in Groningen.

Would you like to join us in promoting the master programs in Groningen? Let us know by sending an email to


The Magazine was aproved during the GA! This means that it's happening, but we still need content for the magazine. If you have ideas for content, are willing to write something, or want to help out in an editorial manner, feel free to contact us at

Sign up for Career Mailing

Do you want to know the latest career opportunities in Computing Science and Artificial Intelligence, or be kept up-to-date on all the career activities that Cover organizes? Then sign up for the Career Mailing! We will be sending you information on the latest vacancies and traineeships by Cover’s partners, and keep you posted on workshops and lectures where you can apply your acquired knowledge in practice.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up via the website. Go to Profile -> Mailing Lists and sign up there.

Faculty Council

Since we are already half way our year, we have to start making a new list for next year's Faculty Council. Our applications are now open and we would like all FSE students to be aware of this. Therefore I would like to ask you to share our facebook message about the applications (it can be found here ) in the facebook group of your study association.

Looking for committee members!

See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members! If you want to apply for a committee please email to let her know you're interested. A resume or motivation is optional, so feel free to just tell her you're interested!


Have you seen the awesome posters for Cover activities? They were created by PubliciTee members! The PubliciTee is a creative committee which designs posters and sometimes other promotional material. Will you create the next good poster?

Deadline: 4th of February


Do you like helping your fellow students? Are you good at explaining things? The StudCee organises study support for all the Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science students. A first year computing scientist would really complete their ranks, but anyone is welcome!

Deadline: 4th of February


Are you creative or looking for a way to put your mark on Cover? Join the YearBookCee! The YearBookCee publishes a YearBook each year.

Deadline: 4th of February

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