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Dear members,

The coming weeks will be filled with studying for most of us. For this reason, Cover organises support lectures for Statistics (for both AI & CS), Neurophysics and Imperative Programming. If you feel like your knowledge in those subjects could be better, don't shy away from showing up there!

On Monday, Morten Bakker from ASML is visiting us to talk about his experience as an engineer. In the past, he has done research on various subjects, including quantum computing. He will tell about his various research subjects and what ASML does with for example image recognition. If you are interested make sure to check it out. Bonus: there will be free lunch afterwards!

On Thursday afternoon, we will get a short introduction into the capabilities of High Performance Computing and Visualisation, and a short demo of the reality center facilities. After that, the Geodienst will give us a Geographic Information Systems workshop where you will learn the basics of QGIS. You might even learn to use some tools that can help you figure out the answer to the age-old question of whether Beijum is part of Groningen! Due to limited seating, we can only offer 15 places for this workshop so sign up soon!

Finally, also on Thursday, there is a special TAD in the Cover room: Bocktober. Since the autumn has officially started, and leaves are falling from trees it is time for some proper autumn bock beers. We will supply the beers and some snacks for you to enjoy!

Good luck with your upcoming deadlines and exams!

All the best,



Nice to know!

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC): ... is Europe's leading offshore energy event. On October 23 and 24 OEEC offers a program stream for students, starters and Young Professionals. The Young Professional Hub (stand 2.300 B) is a physical place and meeting point on the exhibition floor and can be found in Hall 2 (RAI in Amsterdam). With sessions such as Meet your Peers and Sustainable Career Planning, the YP Hub is a valuable place for those who wish to further develop themselves. Besides the program in the Hub, Master Classes are also offered to Young Professionals. You can register for free here.

RAMiCS 2018: The 17th International Conference on Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science (RAMICS), organised by the Open University of the Netherlands, will take place in Groningen, the Netherlands, from 29 October to 1 November 2018 (4 days from Monday through Thursday). For more information see the website.

Data science Meet & Greet: Do you ever wonder what tasks and projects you will be doing in daily practice after finishing your Data Science study? Are you curious how a working day of a data scientist looks like? What’s it like to work for a large organisation as a data scientist? What do they expect from you? How will the atmosphere will be within the team and the organization? With which programs will I work? What are the projects I will be involved with as a data scientist? On Wednesday the 21st all your questions will be answered! Data scientists working at 13 large organizations will share with you how they apply data science in daily practice. Afterwards during the networking reception you can ask all the questions you have. Check out the link here for more information.

The Gentle Woman (Dutch event): In de voorstelling ‘The Gentle Woman’ raakt het werkelijke leven van een vrouw vervlochten met haar leven online. Ze besluit zichzelf online te verwijderen, een digital suicide. Bij het uitwissen van haar leven wordt ze geconfronteerd met vragen over wie ze eigenlijk is en wat menselijkheid nog betekent. Als lid van SV Cover krijg je 50% korting op je kaartje in de webshop van Grand Theatre. Vul bij het bestellen van je ticket de kortingscode COVERKORTING in.

We want you to be in a committee!

Here is a cool thingy for our new members: Ever heard of a committee? A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members! If you want to apply for a committee please email A resume or motivation is optional, so feel free to just tell him you are interested!


The ExCee (short for excursion committee) is Cover's committee which organises the yearly excursion. So, if you like traveling, and organising this for your fellow peers, then sign up for this committee.


The ParenTee is the committee responsible for showing the studies and university to students' parents. They do this by organising a parents day where you can invite your parents to take a tour. If you want to show your parents or your peers parents around, sign up for this committee.


The PubliciTee is the committee that designs, create and prints posters for Cover. They assure the quality of the Cover's posters, so that committees are able to focus on other tasks, without having to worry about posters.


Is there a topic of which you could never tire? You would like to hear about different experts from the field for a whole afternoon? Then organising a symposium is right up your alley! The SympoCee organises a symposium every year for this very purpose, to educate Cover members on a wider range of topics.


The YearbookCee is very much self explanatory. They create the yearbook for every academic year. In this committee you get to decide the theme, design and create the content of the yearbook. You want a way to make your mark in Cover for years to come? The best place to do this is in the Yearbook.


Have you enjoyed the last edition of DisCover and would you like to help with the creation of the next version? Then join the DisCover, the committee that creates the magazine! As a member of the committee you are responsible for gathering, creating, and editing content, the lay-out of the magazine, and determining what goes into the magazine. We had a lot of fun creating it, and we are sure that you will too!

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