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Exams are coming!

Dear members,

To help you prepare for you exams, and give you some rest to your mind, we keep the room next to the Cover (BB.0041b) open and silent. Grab a cup of coffee or tea in the Cover room, and sit down and be productive!

Furthermore, the StudCee still has some upcoming support lectures for Discrete Structures and Introduction to Logic (AI), go and visit their great support events!

All the best,



Nice to know!

Vacation at Anderwijs (Dutch only): Anderwijs is een landelijke vereniging die educatieve vakantiekampen organiseert voor middelbare scholieren. Onze insteek is uniek in Nederland, in dat we kampen organiseren tegen kostprijs (want: vrijwilligers) en met een algemeen nuttig doel (bijspijkeren). Kinderen die bij Anderwijs op kamp komen hebben veelal een achterstand op school, door ziekte of anderszins, en hebben daarnaast soms ook leerproblemen. Wij zijn op zoek naar geïnteresseerde studenten die het leuk zouden vinden om leiding te worden op een kamp, samen met andere studenten en pas afgestudeerden uit het hele land. Ervaring is geen vereiste, maar openstaan voor nieuwe ervaringen wél! Op onze site vind je alle informatie.

Vacancy Universiteitsbibliotheek: The University Library is looking for someone to upgrade the Twitter Archive in the short term for the DNPP department (Documentation Center for Dutch Political Parties). The developer should have knowledge of a MySQL and Laravel framework. The restoration of the Tweets and taking care of the completeness and correctness of the data is the highest priority. An infinite number of characters (no maximum) must be set in the repository. Furthermore, creating a front-end is important. The appearance of it could be derived from the recently revamped website, so that the repository is recognisable as being from DNPP (and the RUG). In addition, visitors should be given the opportunity to search in the tweets of politicians, parties and their subsidiaries by using a search function. If you are interested, please contact: Pieter van Boven ( or Teijo Doornkamp (

Top Dutch Solar Racing: Do you have analytic skills? Do you love to be challenged? This is your chance. We are looking for a strategist! We are Top Dutch Solar Racing and we are going to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. As strategist, you will be working on the mathematical model of the car and managing the race strategy. Get in touch on or send us a message at

Sustainable Education Event: The Green Office, in cooperation with the New Energy Coalition and minor Future Planet Innovation, organises the Sustainable Education Event! Our keynote speaker Jan Terlouw (former Dutch minister) will give his view on the future of society. Furthermore, there will be an information fair about our educational minor and master programmes, and various interesting workshops. For more info and to sign up, click here!

We want you to be in a committee!

Here is a cool thingy for our new members: Ever heard of a committee? A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members! If you want to apply for a committee please email A resume or motivation is optional, so feel free to just tell him you are interested!


The Cover Room, the beating heart of Cover. The Memory keeps this heart beating but always making sure the room is open for a few hours every week. You get to decide how the interior looks as well as being in charge of the Thursday Afternoon Drinks every week.


The ParenTee is the committee responsible for showing the studies and university to students' parents. They do this by organising a parents day where you can invite your parents to take a tour. If you want to show your parents or your peers parents around, sign up for this committee.


The PubliciTee is the committee that designs, create and prints posters for Cover. They assure the quality of the Cover's posters, so that committees are able to focus on other tasks, without having to worry about posters.


Is there a topic of which you could never tire? You would like to hear about different experts from the field for a whole afternoon? Then organising a symposium is right up your alley! The SympoCee organises a symposium every year for this very purpose, to educate Cover members on a wider range of topics.

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