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Bows and Parents?

Next week, we do ...

Are you a billionaire's heir who just returned from a deserted island? Is the bow and arrow your weapon of choice? Then put your skills to the test against fellow vigilantes! Join the SporTee's Archery Tag event at Snowlimits & Outdoor Limits on Monday. We start at 17:00, so please be there around 16:45. The price is 5 euros. For more info and a sign up form visit the website.

Belsimpel will be organizing a coding challenge for first year students on Wednesday. The coding exercises will be tailored to the programming level of first year students. There will be free food and drinks during the event. Love solving complex puzzles? Join the challenge!

Do your parents wonder what it is that you do every day? Take them to the Cover Parent Day on Friday! During this day, filled with lectures, lab sessions and talks, they will get a good look into the everyday life of an AI or CS student. Sign up here.

We want you to be in a committee!

A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

RoomCee: The Cover Room is the beating heart of Cover. The RoomCee keeps the room open and organised. You get to decide how the interior looks and you are in charge of the Thursday Afternoon Drinks every week.

HEROcee: This is Cover's safest committee. The members of this committee can be asked to perform as an ERO at several activities. If something happens around the Cover Room we can of course also be of help. Apply if you are interested in being a true HERO.

PropaganDee: The PropaganDee is the committee that designs, creates and prints posters for Cover. They assure the quality of Cover's promotion.

Studcee: The StudCee is the committee that provides study related activities for Cover. They give study support lectures for courses in the degree programme, workshops to develop skills as well as managing an exams and summaries database. They have recently created a tutoring system which allows our members to find tutors easily.

Nice to know

Groninger Forum: The Groninger Forum is looking for people who can help with providing insight and tips for their upcoming Artificial Intelligence exposition. If you are enthusiastic about AI and the soon-to-be Groninger Forum, contact the board at

GEBC: The Groningen Engineering Business Center (GEBC) is a center associated to the Faculty of Science and Engineering which primary goal is to introduce students to companies in the North of the Netherlands and vice versa. One of the things we organise is matching of students and companies in internships, graduation projects and/or research projects. We would like to know what a student is looking for when searching for such a project. We would be very grateful if you could fill in this short questionnaire.

TKP (in Dutch): Are you curious about what we do at TKP? During this TKP technight we’ll show you the world of pensiontech. You’ll discover how we innovate the world of pension with the best digital pension platform. And with which state of the art technologies we’re working. Our lead architect will tell you how we work with continuous delivery and event driven architecture and what we do with software development, cloud and data analytics. We provide pizza and a beer. Will you be there?

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