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Time for a challenge!

Hey all! As you're probably getting bored in quarantaine, the ActiviTee has come up with a great solution: the Crazy 88 Quarantaine Edition! In teams of 2 to 4 people, you'll compete to gather as many points as possible by completing all sorts of fun tasks! Be sure to sign up quickly as time is already ticking! By the way, if you don't have a team to sign up with, don't worry, the ActiviTee will find you a team! Good luck and have fun!



N.B. The deadline for applying for board is this Sunday! A board year at Cover offers you many things. Not only will you get the opportunity to develop yourself in ways that will help you throughout the rest of your career, you'll be able to experience this with a great group of people, having loads of fun! If you have any questions, the board is available for grabbing an online cup of coffee at any time!

Deadline: April 17th, 23.59.

Student support for mental wellbeing & help with studying

In Nestor, you can find the tap Study Info, which is where you can find the following initiatives of the Student Service Centre (SSC):

  • a free study group, in which you get connected with a couple of students and a trainer to motivate each other and make a planning for the week.

  • a free thesis group, which is the same idea, but focused on writing a thesis.

  • a free course that teaches you how to deal with postponing stuff and a lack of motivation during the corona crisis.

  • a free one-on-one conversation with a trainer from the Student Service Center that will give you personal advice on how to effectively study during the corona crisis.

In the tap Study Info, you can also find the student psychologists and the initiative All Ears if students need someone to talk to. Study Advisors are also always available for a short chat or study related advice.

Nice to know

Belsimpel: (Dutch only) Maak kennis met Belsimpel: het grootste e-commerce bedrijf van Het Noorden en oriënteer je op de arbeidsmarkt! Op dit moment is het natuurlijk extra lastig om je te oriënteren op de arbeidsmarkt – zowel wanneer je al afgestudeerd bent, als voor een bijbaan naast je studie. Om die reden organiseert Belsimpel een kort digitaal college van een half uur. Wil jij vanuit je eigen woonkamer laagdrempelig kennismaken met collega’s van Belsimpel? Tune dan Dinsdag 19 mei om 17:00 in via deze link en stel al je vragen!

Challenge the Cyber: Challenge the Cyber is a capture the flag event, where teams work on a number of challenging assignments together. To capture the flag, teams must solve several assignments (from easy to hard) in several categories. The challenges offer enough variety for both novice hackers and seasoned CTF players. The CTF is developed on the basis of the ECSC curriculum. The national Capture the Flag competition Challenge the Cyber ​​takes place on Saturday 27 June 2020. Due to the current corona measures, the event we held online. There is room for a maximum of 200 participants.

Studievisie: Choosing the right study is extremely difficult and due to the absence of university open days this choice has become even more challenging. To support these prospective students in need, a platform called Studievisie has been created to help prospective students get into contact with current students. So do you also want to help out prospective students in making a well-informed decision by telling them about your personal experiences? Then sign-up here!

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