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Newsletter Takeover!

Dear Coverians,

Today is my moment to shine, taking over the newsletter. I am writing this to you from a nice resort, chilling in the sun with a cold one in my hand. Groningen without bars, consti’s, but most of all Cover is just not it for me, so I booked a room in hotel thuisthuis for the time being. As some of you know that is in Friesland, only a short 45min drive away. Don’t want to get homesick.

Being here sometimes feels like the holidays are here already, but nothing could be further from the truth. Exams are coming up (or have been up for some of you). If you’re like me and could do with some extra help, you’re in luck. Our StudCee is hosting lots of online support sessions, go check the agenda to see if your course is there.

Don’t forget to take a break every now and then from your studies, just to say sane. Not too sane though, as you still need to be crazy enough for the second round of the Quarantaine Crazy 88 challenges! Consider this weeks joke as my submission for #3.



P.S.: What better way to get an anytimer than over the newsletter? Roman, ---, you’re up! (Courtesy of Alissa)

Nice to know

Beta Business Days:


As the start-up committee, you are responsible for organizing the start-up competition.Furthermore, you will also help to organize the promotional days and assist during the Beta Business Days 2021. Besides organizing these events, you will work closely with the board and the BBC (Beta Business Committee), broaden your network and meet new people! The committee will consist of 4 students from different study associations within the FSE and TeMa. You can apply for the following 4 functions: chairman, secretary, ​treasurer, and public relations. Interested? Send your CV and motivation before the 1st of July 2020. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Space Business Innovation Centre:

Wanted: problem solvers using space technology

Do you want to work on impactful cases with technology from space? Or do you want to take one small step towards the combination of science and entrepreneurship? We might have something inspiring for you.

Now you can submit your ideas for the international competitions Copernicus Masters (work with earth observation data and images) and Galileo Masters (work with satellite navigation).

You can apply until June 30

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