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Special Newsletter: Haiku Edition

Dear all,

A new newsletter
What a nice pleasure this is
Made of haikus too!

Cover Phone we have
Texts you send, texts we receive
We answer asap.

Here the number is:
six hundred and fifty-one
million eight hundred

eighty-six thousand
nine hundred fifty-six and
that's all about it.

Cover Radio
yesterday evening we had
Oh! And it was fun!

ASML lecture
Soon on the 23rd we will have too
Join us for knowledge

Great machines they make
That produce the lovely chips
Our devices use, wind.

Fantastic careers
is something we all much want
FSE Career Day, come!

Useful skills you'll learn
On the Career day of the 26th
Find more info here.

Tournaments are wild
With Leagues of Legends though
They are much wilder!

No skill, just some luck?
You can still join our party!
Good luck and have fun!

End is yet to come
Of this special newsletter
Oh wait, it's right here!



PS 1: While this was fun to write, I appreciate the fact that the amount of content I can put into it is, well, much less than usual. Send me a message if you have any questions and let me know what you thought.

PS 2: Join IntroCee, it's awesome!

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Nice to know

A message from the AI Academic Advisors: During open office hours, students are welcome to attend in groups, if they have a common question, or are interested in listening in on questions asked by others. For personal questions, we suggest students make an appointment that others can't 'burst into'. If you are a bachelors student of AI, you can join here (Tuesday 11.00-11.30) and if you are a masters student of AI, you can join here (Thursday 11.00-11.30).

FSE Christmas Committee: The FSE now has a Christmas Committee that is looking for members! This committee will organise nice Christmas activities for students, institutes, groups of staff etc. It's a great place to show your creativity! If you are interested, you can send an email to the board

Usva - The Next Student Talent show: Usva organizes another edition of The Next Student Talent this year! During this talent show, all organizations of Groningen get a chance to show us their cultural talent. Each association can delegate one act, which will be judged by the jury in the preliminary round and which will perhaps go to the grand final. All creative ideas are appreciated! You can check out last year's finale here. If you are interested, you can contact the board!

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