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Once upon a time...

   Our Sinterklaas!

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jimmy from Shrilingan. Have you not heard of this place? Of course not. Only elves, partridges and polar bears know of Shrilingan. And "the big man himself", naturally.

Ice bath. If that sounds chilly, you can't imagine the piercing cold in this minuscule town. The fierce wind brushes over the grass with its icy breath. Luckily, the crackling fireplace showered Jimmy with warmth and calamity. But he was no ordinary kid. Filled with wanderlust, curiosity and restlessness, a trip he will do!

One sweater. No! Two sweaters. Three sweaters and a half is what he settled on. Enough to keep him warm over his long-lasting expedition. Where will he go? Where does he want to go? Of course: The Netherlands! The mythical land of Oliebollen, Kruidnoten and Kerststol.

It was Wednesday. For free he could travel that day. With pride, excitement and courage he battled through the wind to arrive at the polar bear station. Sadness and sorrow filled him when the partridge that worked there informed him of the 5 minutes delay. Not only was his journey adjourned, but his tiny, Lilliputian hands also started to freeze from the blistering cold.

Just in time the beast arrived. Little Jimmy jumped on the bear with excitement! His journey had finally began! After a few hours of intense teleportation, the polar bear express finally landed in Airport Eelde. With his face-mask still on, little Jimmy got off the boat and paddled his own canoe all the way to the terminal. Ah, was this whole voyage a dream? It sure felt real. Certainly it was non-fictitious. As real as the Dutch watery weather that welcomed him.

He jumped on the next bus. Destination: Zernike. The bus driver wasn't too happy to see Jimmy's sweater drench water all over the wooden, hickory, floor.

Next Stop: Nijenborgh. Little Jimmy was lying fast asleep on the sofa of the bus. There was no better time. The bus driver got off the bus, walked to the Bernoulliborg and went straight for the Cover Room.

Oh! What a surprise! A perfectly square box was there with a message attached to it:

Dear Bus Driver,

This is a gift from Cover for all your hard work and patience.

P.S. We are sorry for your soaked bus floor

Ah, he was delighted! A Christmas present! The bus driver opened it up and with a spark in his eyes laughed out loud. So much, that the "big man himself" could hear him! Was it a potato? No. Was it an oliebol? Also no. Was it maybe a new floor for his bus? No. The gift was even more splendid! An invitation to the Christmas Movie Night hosted by the RoomCee! Come join us on Sunday at 21.00 when we will watch a Christmas movie together! The bus driver sure is excited about it.



We want you to be in a committee!

A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

DisCover: The DisCover is the magazine of the association, filled with interesting articles, columns, comics, puzzles, and much more! Topics can range from the latest advances in AI/CS research to gaming and anime. Are writing, editing, or making beautiful layouts among your strong suits? Then apply now!

Complaints Committee: Are you a great listener and diplomat? Then the Complaints Committee might be the committee for you. They listen to all parties involved in an interpersonal conflict and come up with a proposed solution.

IlluminaTee: If the words talks, bootcamps, and researchers make your heart flutter, then look no further! The IlluminaTee organizes educational events related to AI/CS/HMC, together with the Commissioner of Educational Affairs.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Amber, our Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

FSE Radio: Hey everyone, join the FSE radio on Discord! There’s music all day, every day, and also a casual interview every now and then (for which you will get a short pop-up to announce it). There will be a FSE Top500, where you can hear what music you and your fellow students listen to right now. Of course, Queen can be on top in this list (as it should be!) Hope to see you all around here! Link to the discord

FSE Families: If you are going to stay in Groningen, we would like to invite you to register your interest in joining an FSE Holiday Student Family. These families consist of 3-4 students of the faculty, with whom you can organize and celebrate the holiday festivities together. You can find some more information about the FSE Christmas families here

Remote Internship Programs: If you are interested in further developing your academic skills through practical experience, you can check out the opportunities offered by 'City Internships'! They offer both in-person and remote programs in collaboration with traditional educators and leading employers across the globe. You can apply here.

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