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Clubs are now a thing!

Hey all,

Did you know that clubs are now a thing? Just this week a bunch of clubs were launched! Do you like DnD? Do you enjoy drinking (and spilling) tea? Are you a chess aficionado? Or you can't stop talking about football? We got you covered (pun intended, deal with it)! You can now easily join or create clubs that interest you! I just submitted the proposal to launch the 'Club Sandwich' club as promised 🥪

Usually, in the newsletter, I quickly go over the upcoming events but given the plethora of amazing events that are coming up, I gotta be brief.

  1. Find my buddy: Walk, free coffee, new people
  2. Sporty Pub Quiz: Who is Ronaldo and what did he win?
  3. Drinking Games Social: Drinking Games Social
  4. Cover Radio: Come socialize and hear people chatting
  5. YearbookCee Interest Event: Write History the way you want it to be written
  6. Little LAMA: Are you active in Cover?: Come have some extra fun
  7. De Prael Beer Tasting: Good beer, much knowledge.
  8. Quiz! Are you Smarter Than The First Years?: The answer might surprise you.

Last but certainly not least: We have a tutoring system! If you need help or guidance about a specific course, you can find a tutor that has experience with the course! Then you are basically immediately guaranteed to pass it with a straight 10. No kidding.



Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Amber, our Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

Beta Business Days: Sign up now for the Beta Business Days 2021! The biggest career event for the students of the FSE and TeMa will take place on the 16th and 17th of March. During our online event, you have the opportunity to meet recruiters from a wide variety of companies! You will be able to participate in different types of activities such as presentations, interviews, case studies, and speed dates. Each day will end with special events! For more information or to sign up directly, visit the BBD website.

Interested in Data Science?: Join the data science symposium committee! Curious about how it intertwines with (applied) physics and astronomy? Together with T.F.V. Francken, Sirius A and FMF, you will organise a data science symposium for October 2021! Interested and want to know more? Send an email to the board!

Online self-support: For many students, an online and anonymous approach is a first step towards mental support. Mirro’s self-help modules provide you with online support if you are going through a difficult time. There are several topics you can choose from, e.g. anxiety, work stress or worrying. These e-health modules are also very suitable to support you with topics such as alcohol, gaming or mourning.

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