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Member-written Mayhem

Note: I got two full newsletters submitted! Both are amazing, so I'll include both: one in italics, the other in bold.

Dear Leo, We, the members, write this newsletter for you. This week, we turn the tables. We are very thankful for you writing the newsletter every week. So, just like we do for our moms on mother's day, and for the secretary on secretary day (wait, you're secretary too), we give you some appreciation in this newsletter and we will call this "chair day".

Hi, I'm not Leo. You're not Leo. We've got so much in common. Let's talk!

Now, I see you're a brave adventurer. Looking for a quest perhaps? This must be your lucky day, for I have an assortment of mysterious journeys for you. I cannot promise they will be hard, but it's gonna be a hell of a lot of fun! I promise, or you'll get your money back. Speaking of money, they're free! Oh, you're interested now? Well then, gather round and hear my tales....

The paddle boating activity was great! All the first years enjoyed themselves, they had a great time. The weather was amazing. I'm definitely not writing this one Tuesday before the paddle boating. Everyone who didn't join regrets it immensely and will definitely join the next activity.

Boat the paddle; paddle the boat. I don't know which, but one of these happened in the Paddle Boating activity last Wednesday. I wasn't there myself, but I heard it was a blast. Personally, I don't like boats; I'm afraid of them. If I even see one, I already quest my pants. Though, I dare say the first year's had a mighty good time on this adventure.

Every non-first year is sad now because they couldn't join the paddle boating. They have to face the harsh reality that they're old and need to prepare for the future. However, there's no need to fret, because they can go to the career day! Here they can prepare for their inevitable future while having fun!

But wait! You are not a first year's you say? Don't worry, we have some beans for you too; freshly cooled! Venture to the career day, on the 20th of May. Maybe, your quest of a lifetime begins here. Mighty guilds like Shell, Excellys and Belsimpel, specially there for you. A treasure trove of hidden knowledge and mysterious contacts! And a journey through the skies, if you're lucky...

Then we have GameJam! What is GameJam, you ask? Well, I don't know exactly either, but it has something to do with games and it's a competition. So, do you like games? Do you like winning! Sign up, because Cover needs to win this and assert itself as the superior association.

Though, perhaps all this serious business is not your jam. So, a GameJam perhaps? Challenge your wits (and supply of redbull) to create a game in 48 hours. Will your creativity stand? I bet it will; you seem more clever than many of the other adventurers I've seen before... Imagine the spoils you may gain from this mysterious test, let alone the pleasure you may enjoy. Will you go down in the history books? I bet you will, my brave friend. So, which destiny do you choose? It's up to you now...


Leodalf the Grey

P.S. OhhH LeO whY dId yoU WriTe A QuIcK nOte?! ThiS is Not yOUr NewSletTer!! Freedom is an ilussion ~Leo

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Nice to know

The FSE Radio is recruiting!: Do you have experience in journalism? Do you enjoy talking to students or staff in our faculty? Do you like your voice to be heard? Are you eager to exploit your ideas? Or do you just want to be part of an exciting new adventure with a team? Then the FSE radio might be something for you! We are looking for 5 dedicated students to be a part of the FSE radio’s main team on a voluntary basis (unpaid job). You can find more information in the position description page.

Challenge the Cyber 2021: On September 7, 2019, the NCSC and dcypher organized the first national student CTF 'Challenge the Cyber'. The third edition will take place on Saturday 29 May. Online, with interesting challenges built by the NCSC, Secura, Deloitte, ABN AMRO, Cybersprint and the Haagse Hogeschool. CTC2021 is a team event for teams of 3 to 5 players, but participants can also register individually or in pairs. You can find more information on the Challenge the Cyber page.

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