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Welcome back!

Hello everyone! The year is about to start again, so let's get ready for another year of uni. I started off great just now by accidentally sending an empty newsletter out to everyone. Oh well, I can only go up from there!

To all the new first years, welcome! I hope you will have a great time here, and that you will take your time to grace our study association with your precense.

Besides all courses starting up, we will also be hosting some events in the first week. First up, there will be a City Tour! Everyone new to the city is invited to join, and together in groups get know the city you will be spending the next three years!

Throughout the week our amazing study support committee Studcee will be organising some study support lectures to help you get started! They will help you with how Linux works, and will be introducing you to some important programming concepts!

Then that saturday there will be a big social! Join in, get some snacks and something to drink, and get to know both your fellow classmates as well as some older years! It will be an awesome way to close out the first week and begin the rest of this year!

I hope to see y'all there!

We want you to be in a committee!

A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

IlluminaTee: The IlluminaTee organises educational events that go beyond the degree programmes of AI, CS and CCS.

PhotoCee:The PhotoCee makes sure that Cover has astonishing pictures from the events that are hosted, be it a simple TAD or monthly social, a sports event, or even the gala. It's their duty to ensure that the Photos page on the website is filled with the most memorable photographs of your time here at Cover.

PropoganDee: The PropaganDee is the committee that creates and/or prints posters for you. Actually, they are the committee that you can call somewhere in between the moment you need a poster and the moment you want to print it.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Zoe, our Candidate Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant

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