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Ready, set, go!

Hey all!

The time has really come, one more weekend and vacation will officially be over. Luckily the end of vacation means another year filled with great activies! And let me tell you, we have some awesome things in store for you already!

I will start with an announcement. After having been closed for 1.5 years, we will finally be able to open the Cover room again! New couches have been bought, and we have stocked up on snacks and drinks. The room is thus fully ready to be used again in the upcoming year. Make sure to drop by!

Then some highlights of the upcoming weeks! Firstly, on Wednesday there will be a social at Baxbier where burgers and a good time are guaranteed! This nice break in the middle of the week will allow you to socialise with your fellow students.

Throughout the week, other awesome events like Study Support Lectures, a City Tour, and a big end of the week social at Stadslab. More information about all of these events can be found by clicking their respective links in the agenda!

The last event of the first week, is jeu de boules on Sunday. After all the introductions, socials, and classes of the first week you can relax and unwind by playing this fun game with some of your fellow students!

The final event you should know about before this newsletter ends, is the upcoming symposium! While it is still a few weeks away, it truely is an event to already mark in your calander. With a bunch of amazing speakers, an included lunch, and a great location you will have a great day if you attend. The theme is A.R.T. (Acountability, Responsibility, Transparency) in AI. Get ready to learn and sign up!

I hope you all will have an amazing first week, and I cannot wait to see everyone again, either at one of the events of in the Cover Room!

Hasta la vista,


We want you to be in a committee!

A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

LCDee: The LANs, Computers and Drinking committee is the committee responsible for organizing the yearly LAN parties, fun gaming tournaments, and the Crash & Compile, which is a programming competition involving a lot of free beer. Next to that they also moderate the Cover Discord.

IlluminaTee: The IlluminaTee organises educational events that go beyond the degree programmes of AI, CS and CCS.

PhotoCee:The PhotoCee makes sure that Cover has astonishing pictures from the events that are hosted, be it a simple TAD or monthly social, a sports event, or even the gala. It's their duty to ensure that the Photos page on the website is filled with the most memorable photographs of your time here at Cover.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Zoe, our Candidate Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

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